How To Declutter Your Home In Less Than 15 Minutes A Day


For the New Year, many are setting their resolutions and goals. If you’re like me, you’re probably tired living in clutter and are seconds away from rage cleaning all your kids toys and putting them in the trash. Or that nook with tons of unopened and random crap is getting on your nerves. Whatever it is, you’ll most likely ready to declutter your home for the new year.

All you need is 15 minutes a day to have a decluttered home! Yup, only 15 minutes a day, but you have to be religious about it or else this strategy won’t work. Here are the guidelines to declutter your home in less than 15 minutes a day!

Start Now

The first thing you’ll want to do is literally just go and START! Commit to decluttering right now as soon as you finish reading this. Or you can create time on your calendar to declutter during a time that fits your schedule most. The more committed you are to keeping your daily decluttering schedule, the easier it’ll be. You can go longer than 15 minutes, but start small. Put the timer on your phone and go at it. Choose a room or a nook in your home and just declutter and place everything in its place until the timer is up.

Find A Home For Everything

So everything in your home needs a home (does that make sense?). When something doesn’t have a purposeful place in your home, the clutter starts to increase. This then begins the stress spiral and you start hating your home. Clutter is a vicious cycle, but this 15 minutes a day plan can help break it. Finding places for everything in our home allows you to really keep things clean. Let go of stuff that you’re not sure where to put it.

Throw It Away

I know I like to just keep things just in case. But really, I don’t need it. If you don’t need it, just put it in the trash or give it away. Don’t get caught up in the nostalgia of whatever it is you’re dreading throwing away. Grab a trash bag and go at it. Put anything that doesn’t belong in a space that you’re working on in a basket. Label it your “throw-away” basket. Then have a “give-away” basket. Then when the trash bag is full, throw it out as soon as you can so that you don’t have any remorse on what you just threw out. Things you want to keep can be placed in your “put-away” basket so that you can find a home for it later.

Be Ruthless

You’ll need to be ruthless when you start to declutter your home. Don’t get too sentimental with things or else you won’t throw it away or give it away. Be ruthless with your decluttering and really ask yourself i you need to save it or not.

Be Consistent

If you literally take 15 minutes everyday to declutter, it’ll start to become a habit for you. Once it’s a habit, you won’t go a day without doing it. This allows you to create a decluttered home in no time! Make organizing part of your life and you’ll be grateful you did since you won’t be as stressed out over your home.

How To Pick A Space To Declutter

With so many spaces to start, this question can be hard. Just go pick a room and then go through every drawer, surface, cabinet, etc. Then when one room is done, move to the next and continue the process.

Even when your entire space is decluttered, you can still use those 15 minutes a day to start over and organize everything so that it’s up to your liking. This decluttering plan is an easy way to organize your home and if you stick to it all year, you’ll feel less stressed and more comfortable. It may take a while to get it all done, but at least you’re trying and it’s a step in the right direction.

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