4 Ways to Have Free, Family Friendly Animal Adventures


If you’re like me, you love animals. You love going to zoos. You love going to aquariums. You’re always on the lookout for local spots where your kids can get a hands-on experience with furry friends. And with the fall season almost gone and colder weather now here, I thought I’d put together a list of some my favorite indoor/covered free local animal excursions for your family to enjoy just a short drive from Corona.

Magnolia Bird Farm 

A relatively unknown destination in Riverside is the Magnolia Bird Farm. It is a feed and seed retail store, which also houses a ton of beautiful birds. You can go there in a stroller and with the older kids to see all the gorgeous bright birds and learn about proper birdie care. You will see macaws, lovebirds, finches and a plethora of other winged friends.  Just make sure to bring hand sanitizer and wash your hands afterward because tiny hands often like to get up-close-and-personal with bird cages, which may or may not be poo-poo free…

Pacific Marine Mammal Center 

A little further, in Laguna Beach is the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. This seal animal rescue is such a delight to visit. The facility takes in mostly pups who are stranded or suffering from malnutrition. The visitor areas (which are mostly outdoors but has indoor spots, as well) gives you an up-close encounter with these adorable creatures and is a nice stop to take to or from the beach.

Corona Animal Shelter

Then right in our backyard is the Corona Animal Shelter.  Just last year they helped close to 1,400 animals get adopted and returned more than 600 animals back to their original owners.  It’s a good learning experience for our little ones to see, and the shelter could always use donations. Have your child bring an old blankie or toy, so they can have that unbelievable feeling of contributing to the community.  Or perhaps consider taking a furry friend home as a pet. The best dog I ever had came from a shelter in Huntington Beach, and I truly wouldn’t be the same without her. Sadly, she is no longer with us, but she helped calm me down in those frustrating mommy moments, was our loyal guard dog for the home and provided our family endless joy.

Prehistoric Pets

Last up is Prehistoric Pets in Fountain Valley.  It is a unique experience to see lizards and turtles and snakes, oh my!  The location is one of a kind where the entire family can be taken back to Jurassic times. They also have junior science camps and arrange small events and birthday parties to provide a true hands-on experience.

There you have it, my fellow animal lover friends. Just a few adventures to consider in and around Corona. I encourage you to search online for one that gets your family’s tails wagging and share this post to help spread these ideas.