Giving Back During The Holidays in the Inland Empire 2020


Giving back during the Holidays is truly what makes this time of year magical.

We absolutely love to give back to community partners who help improve the lives of those who are in need.  Especially those with small children who deserve to see the wonder of the Holidays.

Here is a list of local non-profits that you can support during this Holiday Season!

Also, here’s our Inland Empire Mom Collective’s one-stop GUIDE for all things Holidays related in the IE and beyond!

Inland Empire Mom Collective is written FOR local Moms, BY local Moms. We are passionate about the community, and the families who live here. Our purpose is to provide community, resources and support.

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Christmas Dinner for Homeless Vets

“There are an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 Veterans in shelters and on the streets of the Los Angeles area at any given point. We know that we cannot help them all, but our goal is to help as many as we can. Our mission is simple: We seek to share the Spirit of Christmas with as many Homeless Veterans as your generosity will allow. We provide transportation from the streets or shelter to a local venue. We provide a home style meal, soft drinks and desserts, (but no alcohol). We also provide each Veteran with a small gift: A backpack filled with items you and I might get at the grocery store – personal care items like a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, razors, shaving cream and deodorant. We also provide a new set of dog-tags to remind them they are Veterans first and their homelessness doesn’t define them. Volunteer chefs and servers from local restaurants prepare and serve the meals. Local musicians and comedians provide entertainment. A local high school color guard even presents the colors.”

Shoes That Fit

“1 in 5 children lives in poverty. That’s a reality right here in the United States and shoes are one of the most visible signs of poverty. The simple gift of new athletic shoes can be a new lease on life for a child in need.Childhood is supposed to be a magical, carefree time. But kids can suffer excruciating stigma, bullying, and ridicule…all for lack of decent shoes. YOU can make a difference for a child in need. We don’t give just any old shoes to kids. (In fact, we never give out previously-owned shoes.) All of our kids receive brand new shoes measured exactly for their feet. When our kids get their new athletic shoes, schools report that participation in sports and physical activities goes up nearly 68% and attendance goes up 39%.”

Miracles For Kids

“Help families with critically-ill children fight bankruptcy, homelessness, hunger and depression—so they can fight for their kids’ lives. When a family is brought down by the devastation of a critically-ill child, we want to be there to pick them back up. We help families with food, clothing, shelter and more—so they can focus on the care their child needs.”

Salvation Army Adopt A Family

“Adopt-A-Family is a Salvation Army holiday program designed to assist families who are in crisis as a result of unemployment, homelessness, medical issues or other difficult circumstances, and who otherwise wouldn’t have the resources to celebrate the holidays. This program provides a wonderful holiday experience for families at a critical time in their lives. Families who are adopted are provided with food, clothing, and gifts from their sponsors.”

House of Ruth

One in four women and one in seven men will experience domestic violence at the hands of an intimate partner at some point in their life. Make the commitment and join us in the fight to end domestic violence and to make every home a safe home. There are many ways in which you can be a part of our mission –  “be the change that you want to see in the world,” by supporting House of Ruth.

Ronald McDonald House Inland Empire

Since opening in 1996, the Inland Empire Ronald McDonald House has provided comfort, care and support to children and families in Southern California. Our hope is to create a community where children and their families embrace life and healing with a sense of hope, enthusiasm, courage and joy by keeping families close to each other and the care they need.

Family Service Association

“Family Service Association has been a leader among non-profits serving families in need since 1953. Over the years, FSA has responded to the changing dynamics of families, by expanding the scope of services to include comprehensive care for families in need. We have been blazing the way for our community and encouraging our neighbors to think “outside-the-box” when it comes to caring for each other.

Our mission is “Building community one family at a time, through compassion, advocacy and comprehensive model services, fostering self-sufficiency and sustainable impacts.” Family Strength is Community Strength”

If your family has a charity you like to give back to, or you just have a charity we missed off our list please let us know. Giving back is very important to us at Inland Empire Mom Collective.