Social Distancing Birthday Guide


CORVID-19 has completely turned our world upside down. Our new normal is staying home and staying safe. This means no large gatherings of any kind, which now means special celebrations are a no-no. No more birthday parties, graduations, anniversary parties, etc. until further notice thanks the global pandemic of COVID-19 we’re all facing. This has to be the hardest part for those with birthdays that fall during this uncertain time, especially for young children who don’t quite understand why they can’t invite their friends over or see family on their special day.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate a birthday (or any celebration for that matter) while in quarantine; you just need to get super creative and you’ll be able to still make that birthday magic for a loved one or friend (whether they’re in your household or not). To help you make birthdays during this difficult time that much more special, here are a few ideas:

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  • Online Parties – The great thing about living in a digital age and being stuck at home is the fact that there is so many different ways to still connect online! From Zoom birthday party meetings with family and friends, to FB video chats, tiktok shouts, IG Lives and so much more, you can get all your kid’s friends together online for a special birthday chat. Zoom is free for 40 minutes and you can have up to 100 people in the chat (just make sure you create a password so that it doesn’t get hacked).
  • Drive By Parades – A car parade for the birthday girl or boy will make them feel special as they see a caravan of vehicles lined up all decorated with signs and balloons to wish them a Happy Birthday. It’s a great way to get local friends and family involved (and to see them in person safely). Have them decorate their cars, line up at a specific time and then roll through the front of your home super slow, honking and shouting Happy Birthday. Then have them come right back and do it again. You can set out a table with pre-made goodie bags, have cupcakes for pickup and leave a special table out for gifts.
  • Netflix Watching Party – Get a group of their friends involved and set up a special Netflix watching party so that they can all watch the same movie together and chat online. If you want to go a bit further, drop off microwavable popcorn to their front steps for all to enjoy!
  • Cookie Decorating Party – There are tons of local bakers selling cookies right now (see some here), so why not set up a cookie decorating party. Have them delivered to front doorsteps and then create a Zoom so that all the kids can decorate together.
  • Character Parties – Tons of character companies are offering fun digital and virtual character chats and sing alongs. This is a great way to surprise little ones and give them intimate time with their favorite character. Here are some of our faves.
  • Plush Party – This is great for littles who adore their plush toys. Simply gather ALL the plush toys they have and then have them be the party guests. Go the extra mile and give each one special voices and roles.
  • Game Show Fiesta – This is really easy and fun! All you have to do is interview the birthday boy/girl and then have family and close friends submit questions fo them to answer. Get on a Zoom chat and watch together with all!
  • Have A Facebook Party – Invite friends and family to a private group and then go live, play party games, ask questions and more!
  • Virtual Paint Party – Some paint party small businesses are offering paint party kits that provide everything you need to paint a pre-designated picture. You can order the kits for their friends, drop them off or have them shipped and then get on Zoom for a private painting party from home.
  • Virtual Craft Party – Similar to pain party companies, there are crafters creating craft kits like wooden signs, bird houses, etc. This is the perfect way to get others involved in the party without actually being there.
  • Virtual Birthday Party – CAMP is offering families a chance to host virtual birthday parties every day at 5pm est. They host a 30-minute virtual party that friends and family can join, complete with games, performances and dance parties. You’ll have to fill out info here to sign up!
  • Sky Zone Virtual Party – Sky Zone is also offering virtual parties, where kids can invite 10 friends (max) to a virtual party just from them. To request a party, email [email protected] with your name, email addy, phone number and kid’s name and you’ll get an email back with more details.
  • Take A Virtual Vacation – Even though you can’t go anywhere, you can take a virtual vacation for your kid’s birthday by getting creative. You can visit these virtual theme parks and ride their attractions!

To make the day memorable and fun, you’ll want to up the ante when it comes to activities. Here are some ideas that’ll make it one of their most memorable days yet!

  • Play Family Games – Take inventory of all the games you have and buy any new ones if needed. Bring them out and have a family game night marathon filled with game after game after game!
  • Have Friendly Competitions – Have dancing, singing, drawing and any other sort of competitions you can think of and then create some fun social media videos of it to show off to friends and family. You can even create a special Birthday Olympics challenge, where you create various challenges and calculate points so that the winner gets a special prize (or treat).
  • Have A Dance Party – Create a Zoom meeting, have a playlist of favorite tunes and then dance your way into non-stop birthday fun!
  • Create A Birthday Scavenger Hunt – Create a scavenger hunt list for your kid’s friends and then send it out to everyone. Have them find things in their home and neighborhood and then get back on Zoom or social media to see what everyone found. Send treat bags for winners if you can.
  • Treasure Hunt For Gifts – Make opening gifts a fun activity by creating a special treasure hunt on where the birthday kid can find their special gifts. Dress up as birthday parties if you want to be extra.
  • Camp Out – Go camping in the backyard and do all sorts of camping activities like having a camp fire with smores, go fishing in a kiddie pool, or sit back and relax in a hammock.
  • Backyard Movie – If the weather is nice, have a backyard movie party with one of the new movies being released early (since no one can go to the movies).

To get into the birthday spirit, decorate your home to make your birthday boy/girl feel even more special on their day (despite being in isolation from others).

  • Order Special Signs – There are many sign companies offering the chance to create small yard signs to keep on your front lawn, announcing to all of the special day (goes great if you’re having a birthday parade).
  • Buy Decorations – Head to Amazon or do a Target pickup of special decorations in a theme of their choice and then decorate the entire house (or one room). The more balloons and streamers, the better!
  • Have A Balloon Delivery Sent – Many balloon companies are offering front door balloon columns for celebrations in isolation, which will be a special treat for a birthday kid.
  • Make Decorations – With so much time on our hands, why not make all the decorations? You can have friends and family do the same, then do a front door pickup to use, too.
  • Seasonal Decor – Make this time extra memorable and bring out all sorts of seasonal decor and create a birthday mashup with all the decorations you have.

A birthday party is nothing without delightful eats!

  • Get Takeout – order delivery or take-out from their favorite restaurant.
  • Cook Their Favorite Meal – Whip them up their favorite dish or treats for their big day.
  • Order Custom Desserts – Have birthday cookies or cake made from local bakers and shops (it’s also a great way to still support small businesses).

Just because we’re all supposed to stay at home doesn’t mean you can’t make birthdays during this time extra special. Remember, it’s the memories that count and this birthday will definitely be one to remember!

What other birthday ideas would you add to our Guide?