Summer is almost over and Fall is around the corner! The beach days may be over soon, but parks with lakes are always fun to visit. A lot of indoor places are still closed during this pandemic, so people are resorting to outdoor activities. Visiting a local park with a lake may be the thing you need to get out of the house. This is why we’ve compiled an ultimate guide to parks with lakes in the Inland empire. 

Taking your kids to a park is always fun because they get to explore the outside and get some energy out as they run around or climb the monkey bars. A park with a lake is even more fun because kiddos love watching the ducks!

Remember to bring a blanket and snacks to relax by the lake as your kiddo chases ducks. Almost all parks will have signs warning you not to feed the ducks, especially bread, but if you’re still compelled to feed them, please feed them corn, duck pellets, lettuce, defrosted frozen peas, oats, or seeds. Bread is actually not good for ducks. Read 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feed Bread to Ducks by Russel McLendon to find out more information. 

Below is our Ultimate Guide to Parks With Lakes in the Inland Empire:

Parks With Lakes in Corona

Dos Lagos Park

Parks With Lakes in Chino and Surrounding Areas

Prado Regional Park

English Spring Park

Parks With Lakes in Temecula and Surrounding Areas

Lake Skinner Park

Temecula Duck Pond and Veterans Memorial

Harveston Lake Park

Parks With Lakes in Riverside and Surrounding Areas

Lakepoint Park

Perret Park

Fairmount Park

Rancho Jurupa Regional Park

Ford Park

Parks With Lakes in Rancho Cucamonga and Surrounding Areas

Redhill Community Park

McKay Park

Cucamonga-Guasti Lake


We hope you find a park with a lake near you to get out of the house and relax! Let us know if we missed any so we can add them to the list.


Check out our other Guides for more family fun in the Inland Empire! Need a Guide for something in particular? Let us know!

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