Romantic Valentine’s Day At-Home Ideas


You can still celebrate Valentine’s Day safely while at home and we’ve got some Romantic Valentine’s Day At-Home Ideas for you and your partner!

Even though COVID-19 has affected everything we do, it doesn’t have to impact your relationship with your romantic partner. It’s been a crazy, stressful and chaotic year, so it’s healthy and vital for your relationship to really prioritize intimacy and romance.

Even though some places in may be open, they’ll most likely be super packed and that might make you uncomfortable. Instead, try these Romantic Valentine’s Day At-Home Ideas:

Backyard Movie Night

But the kids to be early and make it a movie night outside with just you two. Pick out one to two of your favorite rom-coms, get some snacks and your favorite alcoholic beverage to spend a night under the stars with your love.

Wine-Tasting At Home

Do both of you love wine? Why not try a virtual wine-tasting glass together. There are several wineries offering them these days, or you can even create your own wine-tasting experience at home. You can even do tastings with other alcoholic beverages like tequila, scotch or whatever you’d like!

Plan A Picnic Outside

Before your movie night, you can plan a romantic picnic under the stars. Or you can give your kids iPads and go to the backyard for a quick picnic with just you two while the kids are occupied (or asleep).

Virtual AirBnB Experiences

Since we can’t really travel right now, you can opt for Airbnb’s Virtual Experiences that allow you to escape while still being at home. You can have a fun and adventurous date as you experience virtual tours of European countries and more.

Have A Board Game Night

Board games are an ideal at-home date night activity because they’re fun and allows you to unplug. Pick out all your fave board games, get out some drinks and snacks, set the mood with music and lighting and then have at it.

Fancy Takeout Dinner

Order some takeout from a fancy restaurant (think steak and lobster), have it delivered and then have a fancy dinner at home. But don’t forget to actually get dolled up as if you’re going somewhere, set the lighting and music for a romantic mood and light some candles. Then after dinner, put on some slow music and dance the night away in your own kitchen.

Have A Paint & Sip Experience

It’s easy to set up a paint & Sip experience at home. Just gather all the kid’s art supplies you have and then put on YouTube to paint along to a painting tutorial. Add in your favorite snacks, music and drinks and have a competition on who painted better.

Have A Virtual Couples Date

Missing out on some time with your favorite couples. Why not have a virtual couples date! Hop on zoom and laugh, catch up and just have fun with friends online. Bring some food, wine and music and you’ve got a party (virtually).

Cook Together

If you want to be hands-on for Valentine’s Day at home, why not cook together. Have instacart bring you all the ingredients and then create a special meal together… don’t forget about dessert! Or you can order in some meal kit and whip it up together.

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What are you planning to do for Valentine’s Day 2021 with your partner?