11 Tips To Make You A Better Runner


It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with your running journey or have been at it for a few years, everyone could use some insightful tips now and again. Finding what works for you is all about trial and error, so incorporating some changes or additions into your running routine can help you improve on your time and reach your running goals. After all, a few minor tweaks is all that your routine needs to really get you to that next level of running!

1.Walk During Long Runs

If you’re trying to perfect your distance running routine, try taking a few walks during your span. It might sound silly, but it can help reset your body both physically and mentally, helping prevent slower mile times at the end of your run. Even planning short walk breaks at regular intervals will help you go that much further and will make you faster overall!

2. Change Your Running Route

It’s easy to get stuck in a running route, especially once you’re used to it. Instead, change up the route so that you’re pushing yourself all the time and not getting too comfortable with your progress.

3. Try Doing Negative Splits

Negative splits is when you start your run about 20 to 30 seconds slower than your usual mile time. This allows you to finish longer runs at a comfortable pace. This way, you’re not winded at the end.

4. Grab A Buddy

It’s always better if you can find a running buddy, so that you are encouraged to go out and run (even when you don’t want to).

5. Find Your Own Pace

No mater what type of running you do – whether’s it for racing or fun – find your own pace. this way running is more fun instead of approaching a run as if it’s always a race.

6. Have A Fresh Playlist

To stay motivated, take the time to curate your running playlist weekly. Have them separated by moods or for faster paces.

7. Sign Up For A Race

Even if it’s a virtual race, sign up for it so that you have something to motivate your running routine. Continue signing up for races to improve your time.

8. Focus On Your Breathing

Learn to focus on your breath when running so that you can withstand the distance and not burn out too fast. Usually, short, quick breaths and gasps will use up your energy, so work on relaxing into your exhale. Also have a simple mantra to say to yourself as you’re running so to stay focused and determined when feel like you’re ready to quit.

9. Easy Runs

Don’t try to make every run as hard or as fast. This will just leave you tired and sore. Instead, do a few runs throughout the week that are at an easier pace. then pick it up for a two running sessions a week and you’ll see an improvement in your time.

10. Run For Time And Not Distance

Usually, you’ll run for a certain distance, especially if you’re training for a race. Instead, try to run for a certain time, which will make it more manageable with your schedule and it’s also easier mentally.

11. Work On Your Form

Take note on your running form to get the best out of your running journey. Notice how your form gets when you’re tired. Take note on your form when you’re running uphill or down. Bad form can make you slower and tire you out faster.

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