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If you’re like me and choosing to stay home this Christmas or only seeing a select few, you are pulling all of the stops to make sure your 2020 Christmas is just as magical as any other. This pandemic has been hard on all of us regardless of how you are surviving it. It has hurt us all in many ways and it’s really making 2020 a year to remember. Regardless, your Christmas at home can still be magical. Below are 5 Ideas to Make your Socially Distanced Christmas Magical.

5 Ideas to Make your Socially Distanced Christmas Magical

  1. Start a Tradition: Traditions keep families together for generations near and far. When jumping from house to house or family to family celebrating four different Christmases, we forget to create our own traditions. If you’re choosing to stay home this year, take the time to create your own tradition with your immediate family. Traditions can be as simple as taking a drive to see the lights or as elaborate as making your own eggnog. Have you ever tried making your own eggnog? It’s complicated! Give it a try if you dare…it’s all about technique. Check out Homemade Eggnog Recipe.
  2. Bake an Ethnic Dessert: There is no better time than today to learn a little bit about your culture. You can do this by baking an ethnic dessert. Family has been proven to be of utmost importance this year as some of us have not been able to see some family due to the pandemic. This doesn’t mean you can’t call grandma and ask her to tell you about an ethnic dessert. Try making it yourself and bring a little bit of grandma to you! You can also check out 25 Christmas Desserts Around the World for some ideas.
  3. Dress Up and be Festive: I know we’ve spent 90% of the time in our pajamas this year, but let’s put a little bit of effort and dress up for the holidays. Bring out your ugly sweaters, holiday dresses, and sweater vests. Sit around your dinner table in actual clothes and have a wonderful Christmas dinner with silverware…put the plastic spoons and paper plates away please.
  4. Have a Snow Day: Drive up to the snow, frolic, and make snow angels. Nothing makes it feel more like Christmas than being in the snow! With being stuck at home for most of this year, going to the snow is a perfect outdoor activity for Christmas.
  5. Make a Video Greeting Card: Families have been missing each other as they remain stuck at home. What’s better than creating a video greeting card by recording a holiday greeting and sending it to your friends and families? Make it extra special and create a movie clip by merging several clips from different family members and send it to grandma!

Despite the hardships 2020 has caused on many families, we hope that everyone has a magical Christmas. We’ve listed 5 ideas to make your socially distanced Christmas magical, but if you have more, let us know!

Don’t forget to check out An Inland Empire Mom Collective’s Guide to the Holidays for more festive ideas!

Merry Christmas!

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