5 Small Changes To Make To Boost Your Metabolism

boost your metabolism

Okay, mamas, it’s time to talk about your metabolism! Are you struggling to drop some pounds even though you’re doing everything right – working out and eating right? One problem that could be factoring into not seeing the scale move is your metabolism.

Every person’s metabolism is different. This is the number of calories that your body burns every day. About 65% of your calories are being used all the time for natural body functions like breathing and circulation. Another 10% is for digesting food while the remaining 25% is the calories that you burn with your physical activity fo the day (working out, walking, etc.).

If you’re looking to increase your metabolism, you can easily do so by making a few small changes here and there. Just a few small tweaks every day can really help increase your metabolism so that it’s functioning at its maximum.

1. Weight Training

Don’t be afraid of picking up those weights, mama! An easy way to increase your metabolism is to do some weight training. The more muscle your body has the more calories it burns. Even if you don’t go to a gym, it’s still great to have some weights at home and then follow a free Internet workout (there are tons out there)!

2. Do Some HITT

Getting in some high-intensity interval training is a fast way to really rev up your body’s ability to use stored fat as fuel and energy. If you want to start slow, go for a walk and then push your speed for a few seconds or run. Go back to normal walking and then start again.

3. Eat More Protein

Including more protein in your diet makes your body transform that protein into fuel for your body, which in turn needs more energy to do so. Try eating five to six smaller meals every day and include lean protein into each meal. You’ll also feel more energized and fueled all day long, which is always helpful when chasing your kids!

4. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is an easy way to increase your metabolism since it has EGCG, which is an ingredient that helps speed up your metabolism.

5. Drinks Lots Of Water

Staying hydrated is important, but drinking water can also help boost your metabolism. It helps your burn more calories and makes you feel fuller longer so that you’re not always munching on snacks.

Incorporating these small things can really make a difference and boost your metabolism!

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