5 Ways Being A Boy Mom Changes You



Being a #boymom is never dull! With two older boys (my third is a girl), my life is anything but boring and much of it has to do with wrangling after Mason (6 going on 7 next month) and Kingston (4). Although they are complete opposites in terms of personality (Mason is my wild boy and Kingston is more reserved), they both are quite a handful and have changed this mama for life! Here are a few ways being a boy mom changes you:

You Get Used To Weird Smells

It’s true what they say, boys are smelly creatures – and they seem to like it! On any given day, the smell can range from dirt and sweat, to soap and grilled cheese then to farts and burps. It’s crazy how much you get used to smells you never thought wouldn’t faze you before you had boys.

You Get Used To Gross Things

My boys (especially the older one, Mason), loves to talk about farts, burps, boogers, poop and everything else that’s gross. The little one is soon catching on and my days are filled with the grossest things on Earth. But as a #boymom, you get used to it and a drive-by fart is nothing new. Sometimes you actually find yourself playing in on the grossness with the loudest burp (just to show them that mom is cool).


You Start To Take More Of An Interest In Sports

I was never really a sports girl and would go to a sporting event just for the fun of it pre-kids, but now I’m a baseball mom and know the specifics to the sport. I’m sure I’m going to do the same with whatever other sport my boys take interest in, but it wasn’t something I was interested before I had boys.

You Wish Boys Clothes Were Cuter

Once you have boys, you realize that the selection of clothes or boys things aren’t as huge or nice as girls. Only in the past few years have the selection for boys clothes really changed for the better, but when Mason was a baby, there wasn’t a huge selection of cute clothes for him.

You Start Thinking About The Future Mother-In-Law You’ll Be

Go in any mom group online and you’re bound to see a post about a mother-in-law rant. That’s got me thinking a lot about the type of mother-in-law I’ll be in the future. I don’t want a future daughter-in-law to be talking about me in that way!

Being a boy mom is definitely different given you’re raising the opposite sex. But it’s also the most amazing thing at the same time! I’m looking forward to raising little gentleman and wouldn’t change being a boy mom for anything!

How has being a boy mom changed you?

Happy National Sons Day (September 28th)

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