7 Tips For Creating A Healthy Parenting Mindset


Do you have a healthy parenting mindset?

It’s a question not many of us parents have ever thought about before. However, it can help improve your parenting and relationship with your kids and your expectations as a parent.

Ask yourself these questions and be honest:

Do you get frustrated by your children?

Do you believe that their undesirable behaviors reflect negatively on how you parent?

Do you secretly shame or judge other parents for their mistakes because it makes you feel better about your own parenting failures?

Your parenting journey is actually impacted by your parenting mindset, so if you want to be a better parent, you’ll have to have a better mindset about it. Easier said than done, right?

Just like negative thoughts will bring about negative actions while positive thoughts will bring about positive outcomes, the same is true about your parenting mindset.

So how do you cultivate a healthy parenting mindset? Here are some tips to follow!

Be Honest About Being A Parent

Parenthood is hard and there’s no denying that. Acknowledging this truth will help you be real with yourself and help structure your mind set so that you’re not expecting perfection. No kids come with instruction books and every child is different. Throw out any perfection notions and get real with your personal parenting journey.

Learn To Be Flexible

As a parent, nothing is set in stone. Everything will change so the key is being flexible with your parenting mindset. Pivoting is a skill we all need to learn and makes the unexpected doable no matter how hard it is.

Every Family Is Different

What works for a friend might not work for your family when it comes to parenting. Everyone is different. Do what works best for you and your family. Stop comparing your parenting to others on social media or in your neighborhood.

Give Your Family Grace

We all have our bad days – even your kids. Be kind to yourself when you get frustrated with parenting and the kids start to act up. Stay cool, calm and collective and just roll with the tides. Tomorrow will always be a better day!

Healthy Communication

Treat your family with respect, actively listen to them before you respond and validate feelings when they don’t align with your own. Having a healthy communication will help reduce family conflict and help your parenting mindset.

Be Grateful

Take time to appreciate your family, the good things in your life – both big and small. When the kids act up, be grateful that you have kids to be frustrated with! Being grateful will make the hard parts about parenting a bit easier.


When things get too hard, just stop and breathe. Take a moment to pause, stop and refocus to prevent yourself from overreacting to bad behavior.

How do you cultivate a healthy parenting mindset?

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash