A Guide to the Best Ice Cream stores in and around Corona


Who doesn’t love ice cream, right? We’ve put together a guide to the best ice cream stores in and around Corona. 

corona ice cream stores

Soft serve ice cream and froyo stores are a great option for kids. Service is usually fast, and the stores that sell by weight always get a thumbs up from the kids because they love adding their own toppings!




best ice cream in corona

Hand scooped ice cream comes in many forms. We’ve found a variety of local places, with a variety of budgets in mind. Fancy watching ice cream being made in front of you with liquid nitrogen? We got you covered! Or need a quick and cheap fix. You’ll find that on our list too! Maybe you want your ice cream served alongside a crepe, inside a donut or in a ‘wafflesaurus’ cone. Corona Moms Blog has got your back!

Frostbites, Riverside

Afters Ice Cream, Riverside

Sweetosaur, Riverside

Cold Stone Creamery (various locations)


Baskin Robbins

La Michoacana

corona rolled ice cream

Rolled Ice Cream is the latest cool ice cream trend. The ice cream is smoothed over a cold slab and then rolled up. The shape looks like a rose. It looks pretty, but it also tastes delicious! If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should check out one of our recommendations.

Cherry Chill, Ontario

Space Roll, Chino

corona shaved ice

Shaved ice and snow cones and the childhood memories of dreams. There’s something about that fluffy and crunchy sweet ice that keeps adults and children alike hooked! Here are our favorite places to find shaved ice and snow cones around Corona!

Maui Ice, Riverside

Snow Station, Eastvale

We couldn’t create a guide to frozen treats, without including some of the more unusual offerings our area has to offer. Whether you want a gourmet popsicle, an ice cream milkshake, or a halo halo (it’s a Filipino layered dessert with sweetened beans, fruits, shaved ice drizzled with evaporated milk, and ice cream), we found it for you!

Popbar, Riverside

Baked Dessert Bar, Chino Hills