Apple Season!



Here in sunny Corona, we don’t always get much of a true fall season. But if you venture about an hour east to a little town called Oak Glen, CA you can experience all the best that a southern California fall season has to offer.. and yes that means APPLE SEASON

This place is adorable to say the very least. It’s a few miles up into the hills above Yucaipa where it is about 10-15 degrees cooler than it is here in the valley. All the trees have started to turn golden and the air is crisp with the scent of the fruit orchards.

Take the scenic loop round Oak Glen Road and you will find a handful of orchards that allow you to hike around and pick your own fruit.

Apples of all kinds, berries, pumpkins.. we even saw some peaches and corn!

Each farm offering a little extra. You can press your own apple cider, have bakery treats, sample apple butter, and cheeses. We opted to sit and have lunch in the Oak Village at a place called Apple Annie’s who is known for their bakery and “mile high” apple pie. They seated us on their large outside patio and we were glad to be able to people watch and take in the scenery while we had our lunch.

Don’t let the line scare you off- it moves quickly and is worth the wait. This place is not only family friendly but dog-friendly too! We saw at least 5 dogs get seated with their families on the patio and also walking around the orchards with their people too.

But let me back it up to the treats! It goes without saying there was an overwhelming variety of apple flavored goodness around so here’s what I actually tried:

Apple Soda

Apple Soda- came recommended by our waitress over the non-alcoholic apple beer. I loved it! Sweet and bubbly. (I bought an Apple Beer bottle to try later at home.)

Apple Bread- served warm with butter at the table. I should have bought a loaf to go because it was moist and delicious.

(I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t this chick pregnant? Of course, she loved everything!” You might be right! Haha.. moving on..)

Apple Cheddar- sampled in the cheese shoppe. Tasted pretty much like normal cheddar with an almost sweet aftertaste.

Apple Square- which was basically a puff pastry cut into a big square with apple pie filling in the center.. it was good but a total mess to eat in the car!

Apple Dumpling-  a whole apple stuffed with a glazed nut mixture, all wrapped in what I assume was pie crust. So delicious! I thought it was a mini apple pie when I bought so this was a great surprise.

Apple Burrito- my husband got this one.. looks like an apple turnover type pastry but rolled into a burrito shape instead of a triangle. There were signs all over the road about apple burrito so we had to see what it was about! Much easier to hold and eat.. I’d probably recommend over all the other bakery pastry options.

So aside from stuffing our faces with apple treats we walked around the village and admired all the knick-knacks and antiques. Keep in mind this place is in the hills and is very steep. I observed many tough cookie mamas pushing their strollers and wagons around.. y’all are my personal heroes because I could barely haul my baby bump around!

28 weeks!

Last but not least we picked apples in a small section of the Riley’s Farm orchard. We picked about 5lbs of apples to include green Granny Smith apples, Red Delicious apples and another breed kind of in the middle of red and golden. They give you a brief orientation so you know which apples are where then send you up into the hill to pick. Once you’re done they weigh your bag and charge you per pound. In our case it was $3 per pound which we thought was very reasonable for the wonderful experience we had. 

The face of a husband who has been forced to go apple picking while his football team is playing, LOL

All in all, we had a wonderful day in this beautiful little town not so far from our own. It’s nice to know we can have a taste of fall so close to home! I can’t wait to come back next season when I’ve popped this baby out and can taste the fresh brewed hard apple ciders in the tasting rooms!