computer and notepad on a white bed

We all know what it looks like to be SO BUSY that we have no gas left in our tank. We have no energy, we feel depleted and frustrated. But the thing is, I actually used to wear “BUSY” as a badge of honor.

I thought It was something I HAD to be as a Mom. Then I realized what “busy” really meant in my world. It meant I was overwhelmed, hurried, kind of in a hamster-wheel that would never end. I was sick of busy. I was ready to be productive.

So, I broke up with “busy” I was sick of BUSY To me- Productive meant I would be fueled by purpose, intention, and clarity. It meant I would align my priorities and STOP overcommitting myself and my kids. It meant I would get really clear on what matters to me.

It meant I would say NO more, and I would be true to what I wanted for myself and my Family. In productive energy I would aim to put God, Myself, my husband and kids at the TOP of the list. Sometimes we *think* we are putting them first, but our actions show otherwise.

Let’s break cycle.

It’s time to RESET, REALIGN and break up with BUSY.

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