Ditch The Mom Guilt Already!

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Mom guilt is a huge issue in motherhood. There’s always something to feel guilty about. The moment you find out that you’re pregnant, the mom guilt starts to creep in and it never seems to go away…even when your kids are adults themselves. It’s ironic that mom guilt keeps us from being the moms that we want to be.

Mom guilt can keep us from from:

Feeling worth of much needed self-care

Embracing mom life and all its joys (and challenges)

Enjoying our kids fully

And so much more…

Mom guilt is a real downer and can impede on your motherhood journey no matter how old your kids are. Part of the reason why we feel so guilty these days is because of the impact of social media. Everyone likes to post how great of a mom they are by posting about their organic home-cooked meals, sensory bins, crafts, and the like. Add in a global pandemic and our mom guilt is at an all-time high!

Know that mom guilt is a normal feeling ALL mother’s feel (yes, even the perfect mom on IG). As mothers, we tend to place a lot of pressure on ourselves. We want the best for our kid(s) and that feeling of letting them down is devastating.

So what can you do to ditch the mom guilt?

Here are 5 ways to beat mom guilt so that you can start enjoying motherhood again!

Stop Trying To Be Perfect

There is no such thing as a perfect mom. That notion doesn’t exist, so stop chasing perfection in motherhood. Instead, focus on being present and connected. Be a parent who makes mistakes, but is also willing to apologize when those mistakes happen. Strive for being the best mom you can be and know that you’re going to miss up sometimes. But knowing that you are imperfect allows you to give yourself grace.

Reclaim Your Identity

Being a mom is one of the most important roles you’ll ever have, but it’s not the only role. Your existence and value as a person goes well beyond motherhood. You were a person before you were someone’s mama and that person STILL matters! Don’t just dive deep and get lost in motherhood. Easily said then done right? Know that who you are still matters and actively try to remember that with self-care things like hanging with friends, exercising, going out on your own and the like.

Find Your Mom Tribe

Friends are important in motherhood. It’s funny how so many moms never realized how lonely motherhood is. Look for friends that will encourage you and support you! Find a tribe that will accept you – flaws and all. Motherhood will feel so much easier and you’ll realize that all moms face similar problems, making it easier to ditch any mom guilt .

Have Positive Affirmations

Affirmations aren’t just silly things you say to yourself, but are powerful words and mantras that can get you by when things get challenging. The way you speak to yourself and speak over your life becomes truth. Don’t forget to tell yourself how wonderful you are as a mother when mom guilt starts to kick in. You can easily print out some affirmations and place somewhere so that they are always in view and reminding you how awesome of a mother you are.

Get In Some Real Self-Care

Sure, self-care is taking a bath, heading to Target alone, etc. But try to get in some REAL self-care for yourself. Make your needs a priority. Get some botox, get your nails done, go to the gym, etc. Do things that make YOU happy. Invest in your dreams, create boundaries, get rid of things that don’t make you happy… whatever it is, do you mama!

Remember,  you’re worth it mama!

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