Do You Audible? How Audiobooks Enhanced this Mum’s Life!


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This year, I have fallen in love with Audible! I have always loved to read. I was a pretty lazy kid where school was concerned, but reading was always something I threw myself into. I have amazing memories of being in the library with my mum and spending hours looking at books. The smell of the book store still makes me happy and throws me back to being a little girl (Waterstones was my shop of choice for anyone who has been to the UK). 

So if I love to read so much, why am I banging on about Audible I hear you say. Motherhood. Children. Life. That’s why! I want to read, but at the exact same time, I do not want to read!! At the end of a long day, I was to fall onto the sofa, cuddle up with a blanket and my husband and watch some Netflix.  This is where Audible comes in! 

Wait, but what is Audible?

Audible is the Audiobook arm of Amazon. If you don’t have time or energy to read like me, but love books, Audible might just be for you! You download books on the Audible or Amazon website and then access the through the Audible App. 

I have signed up to Audible (and canceled it!) a few times. I always felt like that $15 a month was too expensive. Then they ran a promo over Black Friday for 3 months at $6.95 each and I was SOLD! Now that 3 month trial is over and I am willing to part with my $14.95 a month for the ease of ‘reading’ and joy that books bring me. 

So what do you get for your $14.95 a month? Currently, I get 1 book a month and I can pick anything from the entire catalogue. I also get 30% off any other books I want to buy. On top of that, I get 2 Audible Originals each month. Audible Originals are audiobook created especially for Audible. There are 6 titles a month to choose from and they cover different genres. This month I picked a book for the children to listen to and a book about Marie Curie. 

Books I have listened to recently:

Caraval : if fantasy/magic is your genre then this book is for you. It’s very hard to explain but if you have an inkling that you might like it, I can promise you’ll LOVE IT! This is book 1 in a series of 3. 

Legendary : second in the Caraval trilogy and not to be missed. I’m seriously obsessed with this story and the way the person reading it brings the characters alive. The third book isn’t out yet but I have it on order!

Killer by Nature : Not one to listen to with little ears around, this Audible Original had me gripped. It’s the only Audiobook I have listened to with a full cast. It was like listening to a play and I loved it! 

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine : I had no idea what to expect when I started this book. Like every book I read, I didn’t like the voice of the reader at first. By the end though, I loved her! 

Where the Crawdads Sing : I didn’t finish this yet, but I am loving it so far. Anything Queen Reece Witherspoon recommends is a winner in my book. 

Big Little Lies : What is the only problem with this audiobook? It was SO GOOD that I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the TV show in case it doesn’t match up! 

Here’s what Amazon has to say about Audible

Audible Free Trial benefits:

• Get two free audiobooks to start — after 30 days, get 1 book each month for $14.95/month

• Get 30% off the price of additional audiobook purchases

• Cancel anytime. Your books are yours to keep, even if you cancel.

Audible Gold Membership benefits:

• One audiobook per month for $14.95/mo

• 30% off the price of additional audiobook purchases

• Cancel anytime. A member’s books are theirs to keep, even if they cancel.

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