Drop the DRAMA Momma!


There are 3 ways we are creating unnecessary drama in our lives.


 This is something that a lot of us can get into the habit of doing. We ASSUME we know how someone is going to respond or react to a situation. We assume we know what they are thinking and feeling… and when people behave a certain way- we take it personal. We feel like their behavior is a personal attack on us. Most of the time (and I would argue… actually all of the time) people’s behavior have NOTHING TO DO WITH US. When we take things personal, it can leave us feeling frantic, chaotic, & frustrated.


#2 – DOUBT 

 Doubt is the greatest salesman that ever existed. It sells us on all of the ways that we “can’t” do something.  As Moms, we can get stuck in a ping pong match of THOUGHT then DOUBT. THOUGHT then DOUBT. And that creates an unnecessary back and forth in our minds.



 How many times are we going to spin our wheels trying to be everything for everyone. We are putting everyone else’s needs before our own. We’re so worried about how people we perceive us, that we will say yes when we mean NO. and we will sacrifice our own mental health for others to stay comfortable.



There’s something magical that happens when we decide to drop the DRAMA.

When we understand that we actually don’t have to take things personal.

When we recognize that we don’t need to be everything to everyone.

And we damn sure don’t need to take on other’s emotional crap.

We have enough of our own.

Drop the Drama. Enjoy the adventure.

Find peace, Momma.