Four Ways To Expose Children To An Ever Changing Culturally Rich Corona


Four Ways To Expose Children To An Ever Changing Culturally Rich CoronaHelping to cultivate a stronger community and learn about other cultures is important to me. 

Sure, I’d like to educate my children by taking lavish international trips around the globe but, that’s not in our budget.  Instead, here are a few ways we can all help connect to our diverse neighborhoods without breaking the bank.

Go to the library.

Did you know you can learn 87 languages for free online at the Corona Library? Their on-demand education program, Pronunciator, makes it easy to follow along and allows kids to start as young as three years old.   My daughter and I are taking a stab at French right now. It’s been a blast learning our un, deux, troiss. That’s one, two, threes in English.

How about hosting a dinner with an emerging world leader?

Since 1940 the U.S. has selected international community influencers to meet with American families in their homes. Five hundred of these delegates have gone on to become heads of government. To sign up and host a dinner head to World Learning or the Global Ties U.S. Network.

Speaking of food, nothing brings diverse backgrounds closer together than eating.

Try a new international restaurant. One I’ve been meaning to check out is located right off Main Street called Kabob Hutt. They have Persian cuisine that I’ve heard is delicious and their food is something different to expose our kids to rather than the traditional fried chicken nuggets and fries.

You could also host an international traveler.

A company called Servas has been connecting volunteer families with worldwide explorers since 1949. You can also try the international center at some of our local universities to see what they have to offer.

Obviously, there’s a ton of ways you can help expose your families to rich diverse heritages.  As they say, though, “More is taught than caught.” So, pave the way and consider becoming a member of a non-profit organization, like the Moms Club or joining the PTA.  

Helping to serve our culturally rich city is a great place to start because the more exposure you have to the community, the more we can all cultivate understanding and build a stronger Corona.

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Marcie is a mom to an active kindergartener and a stepmom to a college sophomore. She moved from Newport Beach to Corona and loves how family oriented the city is. In her free time, she enjoys reading, going to the gym, and hanging out with her loved ones. She has a passion for community giving and sits on the board of her local Mom's Club and often volunteers at her little girl's elementary school and at church. Marcie wants to provide our readers with a unique perspective as a mother in a blended family and as being a part of the sandwich generation. Her desire is to allow our audience to learn ways to save time, energy and money on the things that matter most.