Get it Girl Kind of a Day


Get it Girl

The reality of motherhood is that we just don’t have time to do the things we used to take for granted doing. What was once a common daily routine “pre-children” has now become a luxury. I’m talking about those former non-negotiable tasks that were generally a top priority before we had kids: self-care. 

Self-Care, What’s that?

Ahhh yes… take a shower, wash and style my hair, put on makeup … all within one seamless time-frame? Now that would be divine! Unless I want to wake up at 4 A.M. everyday, my self-care routine has morphed into a chopped salad spread out over a five course meal.

The end result may be pretty, but it took a lot to get there. On a good day I can apply mascara on BOTH eyes at the very same time, but usually I’m chasing or scolding a kid while waving around my mascara wand. Ugh, is that why my mascara gets so clumpy these days?

Welcome to my Circus Act

My mornings closely resemble an act out of the Barnum and Bailey Circus. Corralling three tiny humans under the age of five is an act itself. The twins are either fighting over a toy or searching for a lost shoe.

When my baby isn’t hanging off my hip he is most likely following me around like a little barking chihuahua. All the while I am packing lunches, making breakasts’, changing over a load of laundry, and shouting like a drill Sargent “Get dressed, go potty, brush your teeth!” Somewhere in there I’m supposed to get ready?

Let’s just take a moment to categorize mom-life morning routines, shall we? 

I survived

This is a “dry shampoo just ain’t cutting it” kind of a day- I’ve resorted to wearing my #MOMBOSS hat. It’s the day where I do a quick glance in the mirror and say to myself “meh, it’ll do,” as I scrape off last night’s brownie from my shirt.

I’ve settled to wearing my pajama pants and pray to the high heavens above that I don’t have to interact with anyone at school drop off. As luck would have it, however, my most recent “I survived” day was when I accidentally locked my keys and my baby in the car at preschool. Five handsome firefighters came to our rescue- all the while I’m in my “I survived” attire. Not a good day. 

Feeling Human

This is a day where I have successfully showered, shaved, and applied makeup. Hair washing didn’t quite make the cut, but I have high hopes for tomorrow!  Though it took me nearly two hours to put on 10 minutes worth of makeup amidst wrangling the toddlers and searching for my missing cell phone- I’m glammed! I happily shimmy into my yoga pants and load the kids in the car- feeling quite accomplished. Today is a good day. I’m feeling human today. 

Get it girl kind of a day

This is a wash hair, shave, blow-dry and style, full makeup application kind of a day. Now whether you get it done all in one shot or it’s spread out over a 5-hour time-span, you get it, girl! Today you are having a fabulous day.

Trade in those yoga pants for some blue jeans and a cute blouse- you are ready to face the world! Back in the summer of ’17, I had one of these days. In fact, I was able to do all of the above in under two hours (kids were at grandma and grandpa’s house.) It was a beautiful moment- something straight out of a fairy tale. It was a Get It Girl kind of a day for this mom. 

Whether you have one child or five, we can all agree that our self-care routine takes a back seat most of the time. Try not to be too hard on yourself if you don’t always feel put together- you’re not alone!

Celebrate those Get It Girl kind of days. I know I do!