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pregnant woman holding her round belly | Hemorrhoids: An Unexpected Symptom of Pregnancy

Not everything about pregnancy is all sunshine and roses. There are many unexpected (and unwanted) symptoms of pregnancy and one of the less glamorous (and gross) ones is hemorrhoids. Not every woman will experience them, but up to 50% of soon-to-be mamas can end up developing the painful and uncomfortable symptom when expecting. 

We know, it’s not something we like to talk about, but moms need to know EVERYTHING that could possibly happen while pregnant. Even if you never experienced hemorrhoids during your first pregnancy, you might still get them with subsequent pregnancies. The truth is, hemorrhoids happen to a lot of people and the more you know about them, the more prepared you are to handle them if you do end up getting them. 

What Are They?

Let’s first explain what hemorrhoids are before we get into how to treat them. Hemorrhoids are basically veins that have become swollen, either on the outside or inside of your anus. They sort of look like varicose veins when they’re outside your body and are also referred to as piles. Hemorrhoids in pregnant women usually occur in the third trimester, during childbirth and even shortly after delivering. 

There are two types of hemorrhoids to be aware of. The first are internal and will appear inside your anus, while the external ones develop on the outside of your body. Symptoms will depend on which type you have. Symptoms of external hemorrhoids include: burning, swelling of the anus, burning, a raised patch of skin near your anus, bleeding and/or painful bowel movements. You may actually have no symptoms at all if you develop internal hemorrhoids. And believe it or not, you can push out an internal hemorrhoid while going to the restroom and you’ll know because you’ll experience great discomfort and bleeding. 

Why Do Pregnant Women Develop Hemorrhoids?

Pregnancy does a number on your body. Hemorrhoids might occur due to more blood volume in you body that leads to larger veins, changing hormones, constipation, pressure on the veins near your anus and just the overall heaviness of the baby. Women sometimes get them from childbirth as they experience extended straining during labor. 


The thing with hemorrhoids is that you can treat small ones at home and with lifestyle changes for a temporary solution. Treating hemorrhoids usually involves: the use of witch hazel wipes or pads; using a sitz bath or soak in warm water; taking Epsom salt baths; and/or holding an ice pack on your backside. Drinking lots of water, moving around a lot and performing Kegal exercises can all help with the treatment of small hemorrhoids, too. 

However, more severe hemorrhoids will need medical treatment. Always check with your doctor before treating your hemorrhoids at home to make sure that you get the right diagnosis and treatment plan. In the event that you will need medical treatment, there are several different procedures that can be done in-office to alleviate the pain and pressure of hemorrhoids. 

Life Back Medical can help treat your hemorrhoids if they linger after pregnancy and delivery with no avail to regular treatment. The outpatient procedure will be done at their Corona office and they’ll work with your insurance. Give them a call today or visit their website at www.lifebackmedical.com for more information on hemorrhoid procedures and treatment. Life Back Medical also treats varicose veins, hernias and provides weight loss surgery procedures. 

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