Hernias and Pregnancy: What You Need To Know {Sponsored}


For most women, pregnancy is a wonderful experience that they embrace as their body transforms to bring new life into the world. But despite the beauty of pregnancy, there are many unwanted side effects that a woman could experience, including hernias. While not every soon-to-be mother will develop one, there are a few who might experience hernias during pregnancy. A hernia is described as a section of the intestine, or other internal tissues, that push through a weak layer of muscle and is forced into the abdomen, creating a noticeable bulge that can be felt under the skin.

Usually, a family history of hernias, previous abdominal surgery and being overweight are all risk factors for having hernias during pregnancy. Pregnant women are also at risk of hernias because their bodies are undergoing increased pressure as the baby grows and grows, thus putting large amounts of pressure on the abdomen. The majority of hernias affecting pregnant women tend to be in the groin area, but there’s also a chance that they will develop an umbilical hernia, which affects the area around the belly button.

Some women won’t experience any pain or unpleasant symptoms while pregnant with a hernia and wait until after the baby is born to have it repaired. But if the hernia is causing discomfort while they’re still pregnant, the hernia can be repaired with a fairly simple surgical procedure, with little risk to the baby or the woman’s health.

The only real effective way to fix a hernia is via surgery since the wall of the abdominal muscle has to be repaired internally, so that the organ doesn’t come falling through. Some women are even told to wait until they are done having babies to fix their hernia, or else they risk experiencing another one with subsequent pregnancies.

There is not much moms can do to prevent experiencing a hernia while pregnant. But on the bright side, a pregnancy won’t usually cause a current hernia to become larger. The best thing soon-to-be moms can do about their hernias is to have good support where their hernia is whenever they cough, sneeze or laugh to prevent any discomfort. Support can come via a pregnancy belt or simply by using hands to push on the hernia during the aforementioned activities

Fixing a hernia isn’t a complicated surgery and is usually an outpatient procedure that gets you in and out the same day. Recovery is a few days, but the relief will last a lifetime!

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