How Much Does It Pay To Be A Surrogate In California?


Surrogacy not only provides families not able to have children on their own a chance to experience the love of a child, but can also benefit the surrogate mother. Once you decide to become a surrogate, you have to go through an application process to see if you’re a good candidate. And if you are, you not only provide the most wonderful gift to a couple looking to start a family, but will also be compensated for that wonderful gift.

It takes a very special person to become a surrogate mother. Not everyone can do it, but those who do find a sense of joy in the remarkable journey and are thanked by being generously compensated for all surrogacy-related expenses and more. Many So Cal women wonder how much does it pay to be a surrogate in California? Here are some helpful answers!

Surrogacy Compensation Can Vary

There’s no one set price for the amount you’ll be compensated for as a surrogate. However, it’s good to know that surrogates in California are offered one of the highest surrogacy compensations in the country. Surrogates in California are in great demand and women who are selected are greatly compensated for generous gift of life.

And the more you become a surrogate, the more you are compensated. In California, surrogacy compensation can start at $50,000 plus expenses and allowances. Payment is usually paid in monthly installments after detection of fetal heartbeat. For experienced surrogates, that number can start at $60,000 and up to $80,000. If you carry multiple babies, the compensation also increases as well as if you deliver via cesarean.

Typically, all medical appointments and procedures are covered, but there is a health insurance premium that’s reimbursed if your policy is surrogate friendly. Also, unique circumstances are paid per occurrence and will differ from surrogate agencies. These usually include things like an ectopic pregnancy, D&C, termination of pregnancy, etc.

Every Surrogacy Case Is Unique

Since every surrogacy case is unique and different, there are many factors that can impact the overall compensation. States that have a high demand for surrogates (like California) usually have higher compensation packages for surrogates. Legal requirements and costs of other services will also vary from state to state.

What A Monthly Allowance Can Cover

Because you are choosing to be a surrogate mother, you’re basically providing your body and time to intended parents, so you’re going to be highly compensated for that. Your base compensation for being a surrogate mother will be decided on early in the process (everything will be outlined in your surrogacy legal contract).

The monthly allowance during your surrogate experience will typically cover things like: maternity clothes, local travel to appointments, child care, meals, housekeeping, insurance co-pays and more.

Extraordinary Conceptions has been helping couples and individuals create families via surrogacy and egg donation since 2005. The reputable surrogate agency has a dedicated staff devoted to creating a family with their surrogates and intended parents. With an on-site insurance specialist, travel department, notary and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT), they are able to anticipate and meet many of your needs that may arise during the journey, making it less stressful for surrogacy mothers.

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