How To Throw A Baby Shower In A Pandemic


It’s a hard time for everyone right now, but moms-to-be are really having a difficult time. Not only are they worried about having to deliver during a worldwide pandemic, but they’re also limited to their baby preparation now that the majority of stores are closed and baby showers are canceled.

Thank goodness for technology because despite not being able to plan out elaborate baby shower celebration, we can still host virtual baby showers to show new mamas some much needed love during what’s supposed to be one of the most memorable and amazing times in her life.

Not sure where to start planning a baby shower in a pandemic? Don’t fret because we’re here to help! Here are some tips on how to shower a mom-to-be with love and new goodies she’ll definitely need and appreciate when baby gets here:

Car Parade

Similar to a birthday parade, you can plan a special baby shower parade with guests dropping by in decorated rides as they honk and shout well wishes to the mom-to-be standing by the driveway. A small table for gifts is perfect for collecting items from a registry, well another table is a great way to pass out cookies, small food items or small gifts you were going to have at an actual in-person baby shower. This is the closet thing to do for the feel of an actual baby shower. You can decorate the front lawn or the area of the drive by with balloons and decorations and still get to dress up. If you’re pretty lax on social distancing, but still want to stay safe, you can have a few people actually sit down in lawn chairs (6ft. apart) and have a small gathering with your closest friends and family.

Zoom Baby Shower

Create a baby registry weeks before the Zoom Baby Shower and alert guests if they can please ship items by a certain day so that they can be shown off during the Zoom baby shower. Designated a time and date and plan out some fun games. Have guests provide their best advice on being a mom and having a new baby, open and show off the mailed gifts and just feel celebrated with friends and family online. You can even have guests all wear blue or pink to celebrate the baby and encourage them to have food and drinks by their side to make the interaction that more authentic.  You can even share a special theme, drink recipe and food choice so that guests really feel more involved as if it were the real thing. Don’t forget to record it so that it’s a special memory the whole family can relive later.

Surprise Diaper Drop Offs

If you’re planning something for a special soon-to-be mama, why not have a surprise diaper dump! It’s a fun and exciting way to get the parent’s-to-be excited about their upcoming bundle of joy. All you have to do is have friends and family go and leave diapers and gifts on the front door and then knock and leave. Or you can have them shipped directly to their house without telling them about the thoughtful gift.

Baby Shower Meal Train

Having a baby is tough and the days following delivery can be the hardest on new parents. So why not help with that by creating a Baby Shower Meal Train. Have friends and family sign up for meals for a two-or three-week period and then have them drop off the meals on the front porch along with any baby gifts they would have given at a real baby shower. Have them leave helpful notes to the parents with parenting advice and well wishes, allowing the tired parents the chance to have a delicious meal while they open the useful gift and resonate on the wise advice.

Here are some ideas on how to plan a social distancing party, too!


baby shower decorations on a table | How To Throw A Baby Shower In A Pandemic


Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash