If You Give A Mom A Chevy Suburban….

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If you give a Mom a Chevy Suburban, she will ask for…… NOTHING. Because she’s got everything she needs! We tested this out with 6 moms. Zero kids. The open road, and a beast of an SUV.

This was our reality a couple of weeks ago when we were given a Chevy Suburban for a weekend conference in Colorado Springs with six of our mummy friends. Don’t tell my Ford Explorer, but I finally found a car I love more than him.

The Chevy Suburban is every mum’s dream. I’m pretty certain Chevy thought of everything a family might need and then squeezed it into one giant hunk of shiny perfection. Let’s talk a little about some of the features we loved so much.

The Chevy Suburban Trunk

What you see in the photo is FIVE  FULL SIZED CASES. The Chevy Suburban has a serious amount of trunk space. I’ve seen friends throw in cases, strollers, scooters, and bikes and still have space for their groceries. There really is so much space in this beauty. The third row of seats also folds down to allow for even more space when required – anyone got a canoe they need to transport? The Suburban’s got you covered!

Chevy Suburban Inside

I can confirm that a Suburban comfortably seats 6 adults. The seats are super comfortable and there is ample legroom for travelers of all heights. We particularly enjoyed the heated seats (Cali girls in snow, we were COLD!)

Chevy Suburban navigation system is easy to use

The Suburban has a top of the range navigation system which we found easy to use, even for the first time which isn’t always the way with car navigation systems! The navigation system easily got us the 85 mile trip from Denver airport to our hotel in Colorado Springs. 6 busy business moms also meant 6 phones needed charging. The Suburban had that covered with multiple charging ports in the front and back of the vehicle.

Chevy Suburban usb ports and charging

Hidden inside the ginormous center console were 4 pairs of wireless digital headphones because the Suburban has not one but TWO screens in the rear. I fully expect my next car to be a Suburban just for this amazing feature, but the Suburban also has wireless capabilities so if someone doesn’t fancy the movie that is on, they can hop on wifi to watch something else on their device!

Chevy Suburban entertainment system with headphones

Chevy Suburban Safety

When looking for a family car, safety is the most important thing for many of us. The Chevy Suburban has so many safety features.

  • reversing camera
  • rear parking assist sensors
  • rear cross traffic alert
  • blind spot alert in wing mirrors
  • low speed (below 50mph) automatic breaking
  • forward collision alert (alerts you when the vehicle in front slows down)
  • safety alert seats (vibrates the seat in place of audio safety alerts)
  • optional teen driving setting (which is amazing and will give you peace of mind when your teen is driving)

Chevy Suburban Beauty

This car looks mean in the very best way. Our model was all black but the Suburban comes in a range of colours to suit everyone’s tastes. I’m a sucker for an all black car, but I also love the Suburban in white. So classic! 

all black Chevy Suburban with lights on

Here’s What Chevy say about the Suburban

It’s no surprise that Suburban is part of America’s best-selling family of full-size SUVs. It offers truck utility, SUV versatility and the kind of refinements you’d expect in a luxury car. But what might surprise you is that even with all its cargo and family room, this large SUV has impressive efficiency — with V8 fuel economy of 22 MPG highway (With 5.3L EcoTec 3 engine. EPA-estimated 22 MPG highway (2WD), 21 MPG highway (4WD). Suburban is ready for just about anything. 

Here’s What We Say about the Suburban

I fell head over heels in love with this SUV. I love how safe it feels because it’s so big, but I also love how easy it is to drive. Despite the fact that I am only 5″2′ there was never a point where I felt the car was difficult to drive. It really is such a joy! I just feel bad for my car now, because it’ll forever be in the shadow of the Suburban!

Wanna see us loving this car? Check out the video made by our amazing partners at San Fransisco and Mid Peninsula Moms Blog.

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