In Order To Be The Change, We Must Raise The Change: It All Starts At Home


danielle coke IG graphicCorona Moms Blog, now and always will, strive to be a voice for ALL moms in the communities we serve. We aim to provide resources for all subjects, topics, seasons and themes as a way to unite us all. This includes touching upon recent events affecting our communities and as a nation.

Talking about race is a charged subject that’s very difficult. There’s no easy way to address these hard issues BUT it must be done. We know we won’t always have it right, but we feel racial justice is a topic that’s important to bring up given we as families can make a huge difference and impact given we are raising the world’s citizens of tomorrow. Let’s start to set a better example for your children, doing our part to be an ally as a mother.

Standing up for what’s right doesn’t have to be extreme or challenging, but it does need to start somewhere. And we can’t think of a better place that at home!

Acknowledge Your Privilege

The first, and probably easiest, step in being an ally as a mother is acknowledging your privilege. Accept that fact that you don’t know what it feels like to be of a certain race and that you have a privilege that many don’t. Talk to your family about what privilege means and how other’s don’t have the same privilege so that they have a better understanding of what’s happening right now with current events. Not sure where to start or how to bring it up with your kids? Here’s an informative graphic that can help.

Talking to kids about race and racism can be sensitive and even messy, especially if you’re not sure where to start. But the great thing is that there’s not one way to do it. You can help them understand the topic with books, movies, art – you don’t have to just talk to them about it. If you feel intimidated by the subject, the best way to approach it is to learn more about it yourself.

Help Your Community

Listening to the different stories of other moms in your community is also a great way to understand the issues at hand and make a difference. Learn from their stories and find out what they need from you and how you can help. But this doesn’t mean simply asking questions on how to help because it’s not their job to explain it to you. Instead, simply listen and be aware of conversations. To better educate yourself, pick up a book, listen to a podcast, go on Google and do your own search… Or you can learn where to start by reading this article on how to stop asking people of color to explain racism.

Support A Cause

Become an ally by supporting a cause – in your neighborhood, city and nation. You can find causes online, social media and schools. It doesn’t have to be monetary, either. Your time and effort might be worth more.

Lead By Example

You hold a very powerful role in the life of your child as their mom, so lead by example. Show them what it means and looks like to use your voice and stand up for what’s wrong. If they see you raising your voice, they’ll be inclined to do the same.

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Please let us know if we missed something or should include more on this subject. We are listening…

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