It’s Not About Living “Positive Vibes Only”


Here’s the thing…I actually do not believe in “positive vibes only.”  

I know, I know… it sounds weird. Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where you have nothing but positive thoughts, right?! 

What I have come to learn is in order to grow, in order to “level up,” we must get real with ourselves. We must say the thing that is uncomfortable. Must GET RAW and vulnerable. 

The first step to taking more control over our thoughts, and distinguishing what is REAL and what the LIES are… is becoming AWARE of our thoughts. Becoming aware of our triggers and body signals. Sometimes that awareness looks ugly for a bit. Sometimes it can be hard to own up to what we are really thinking. 

What’s interesting is the more we sugar coat, the more we push those thoughts and feelings down… the more self destructive we become. 

The fact is- life is NOT all rainbows. Sh*t will hit the fan. 

I do not believe the end goal is to not feel those things, and only see positive from it. I believe when crap comes up, we are meant to FEEL.

 Let us feel, so that it can move out of our body. If we do not, we are like boiling water. While we are pretending that everything is fine, the water is slowly getting hotter. Then Boom! It’s spilling over everything and it’s so hot, no one can touch it. 

We can absolutely get to a place where we have more control over our thoughts. We can look at situations and extract the lesson. But we can only do this if we are willing to look at what is real. If we are willing to go deeper and stop pretending that we don’t have feelings. 

Stop pretending to be “FINE” when we’re not. 

Stop living in “Positive Vibes only” and open our eyes to see what is real. 

Open our hearts to see what we can actually control and what we get to let go of. 

We get to let ourselves FEEL to HEAL… because we are human.