Know Your Value, Mama


Knowing your value isn’t something we all automatically know.

Have you ever heard someone say, “You need to know your value!” Or “You are too valuable!”

I have, and I have pondered that thought and struggled to understand how I begin to see my own value. Am I looking at my value based on what someone else thinks ? Is my value based on what I do or what I say?

As a mother of three, homeschool mom, nurse and business owner, I tend to feel like I do many things at a mediocre level and fail to see any value in what I do… all that I do. I have had friends tell me how valuable I am, but do I really believe it? I tend to find myself thinking that I don’t. I don’t see how I am important enough to make a difference.

How many of you feel that way? How many of us don’t value ourselves as mothers?

I know I don’t at times. Maybe that mom over there does Pinterest parties, names stars after her kids, teaches them the Constitution when they are 5 years old. Who knows, but all I see is I am not as valuable to my kids as she is. Terrible way of thinking.

Or how many of you own businesses or have a successful career along with a family for you only to feel like your hard work is useless because someone else could do it better or it doesn’t matter if you are around or not? I do!!! I get in trouble for those thoughts but I have also realized that the biggest obstacle to believing in your value is seeing your own value through someone else’s eyes. Our belief in ourselves is usually based on what other people think. However, it should the complete opposite. Really understanding who you are as a person and holding your own value is when you do not give a rats booty about the value or lack of value that others see. Does that even make sense?

Seeing how worthy you are is the essence of not caring about what your value is to anyone else. How do the people who love you see you? Your kids, your husband, your closest friends and family, how do they see you? The worlds opinion is meaningless.

Achieve what you want yourself to be. Look at who you are in the mirror and if you don’t like what you see, then and only then, make your changes.


  1. Heather! I love you! In just this short time I have known you, I can see how amazing of a person you are inside and out. You’re genuine, kind, loving and so caring. You have three great boys and a loving husband. Psshhh and you’re a Nurse! Not many people can take on that career. It takes someone with strength, compassion and empathy. You have all that and so much more! I love you! This article has opened up my eyes and shows me that I shouldn’t focus on other people’s opinions. The people that truly care will never make us feel like less of a person because our values and self worth is not the same as theirs. Something that I constantly need a reminder of! Thank you for this!

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