Make It a Yes! Summer Break


It’s definitely a weird summer break this year…

In fact, it’s a weird year altogether. It’s funny to think back and remember how excited we were for 2020. It was supposed to be a huge year with Taco Tuesday falling on Cinco de Mayo, Halloween and the 4th of July landing on a Saturday and Christmas and New Year’s ending up on a Friday. Although 2020 has failed everyone’s expectations, summer 2021 doesn’t have to be canceled.

Sure, things to do are limited and any summer plans or vacations have been put on hold, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a fun, memorable summer break for yourself and your kids. To make it a worthwhile summer, why not make it the Yes! Summer Break.

It’s really easy and just requires you to say YES! more often. And it’s simple things and requests like giving in to things you normally wouldn’t agree to. Things like having cookies and treats for breakfast, a few more hours of TV or online time, running through the sprinklers instead of a bath… things that’ll make you the “cool mom” in your kids’ eyes and allows them a fun summer they’ll always look back on. It’ll be the topic of discussion for future family gatherings when your adult kids will reminisce on the summer that mom said Yes! to more things. To help you with your Yes! Summer Break mission, we’ve compiled some fun things to do! Consider it your Guide to more summer fun…

  1. Have sweets for breakfast
  2. Have treats for dinner
  3. Have a movie marathon in PJs all day
  4. Set up all your outdoor water toys and spend the day outside
  5. Play outside until the sun sets
  6. Have a backward day! Start the day with dinner and end with breakfast
  7. Grab all the camping gear and create your own campsite outside
  8. Have a fruit creation contest. Give your kids different fruit options and let them create their own plate masterpieces
  9. Let your kids make a meal with ingredients in the fridge
  10. Have a family game night every night for a week straight and then reward the person with the most wins
  11. Take a road trip somewhere local and drive until you find something cool to stop at and see
  12. Have a crazy hair day
  13. Have a fashion show with the kids and let them choose anything they want to wear
  14. Have themed dinner for a week (or more)
  15. Make blanket forts all around the house
  16. Play tag with the kids
  17. Go on a bike ride and try to go further and further each ride
  18. Create a fancy meal and bring out all the good dishes 
  19. Have a day filled with baking treats
  20. Rent a bounce house or water toy for the day
  21. Decorate the house for EVERY holiday at once
  22. Have family theme nights and dress up
  23. Have a family Olympics competition and create the different obstacle courses
  24. Make frozen slushies each day and change up the flavors
  25. Say YES! To other requests (within reason, of course)

So what will you say YES! to this summer?

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