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Disclaimer: We have partnered with Laundry Care to bring you this sponsored post on the many quality products they provide for you and your family. All opinions are our own.

Ask any mom you know and laundry will be at the top of her most hated chores (if not No. 1). It’s a chore that must be done like clockwork, and the bigger your family is, the more laundry there is to do. Maybe it’s all the work needed to do laundry or because it’s a never-ending task that moms despise it so much.

Gathering the dirty laundry, [separating the kiddos inside-out underwear from their inside-out pants], sorting it, remembering to put the wet clothes in the dryer. Then, the *buzz* of the dryer taunting you to fold it right this minute  or else you have to start the dryer again and cross your fingers that those wrinkles work their way out. Eventually, you have to get around to actually folding and putting it away only for the whole process to start again in a week (or less).

Honestly, it’s one chore that this mama HATES doing! Factor in folding small baby clothes and I try to hold off doing laundry as long as I can (which can sometimes be worse given there’s MORE laundry to fold. Although there’s no way of getting around having to do laundry to have fresh, clean clothes, there is a way to lessen the load – and that’s with Laundry Care!

How Laundry Care Makes #MomLife Easier

If you’ve ever wished there was an easier way (or better way) to do laundry, your wish has been granted thanks to Laundry Care. The customizable wash and fold laundry service is the best thing for busy moms (or those just sick of continuously doing laundry). Using it is seamless and it’ll make #momlife so much easier (in more ways than one).

Two Laundry Care bags covered three loads for my kids clothes (about two weeks worth of dirty items).

The process was as easy as ordering food on an app. You simply create an account on their website and the bags will be sent out to you the very next day. And we’re talking about some hefty bags that were able to fit tons of laundry. I had two and was able to fit all three of my kids’ clothes in it (and it was well beyond my normally scheduled two-week’s worth of dirty clothes). Once the bags were filled, I scheduled a local porch pickup, while my local laundry person swooped by my house at the desired time to whisk away the dirty laundry that I was unmotivated to do myself.

I left the bags on my porch and they were swiftly picked up with no worries.

While scheduling my pickup, I also scheduled my delivery date (two days after pickup) and decided to use that extra time I would have used to do those loads for some personal mom time (I usually start laundry in the evening so that I can fold while watching some Netflix). My local Laundry Care provider was informative every step of the way, texting me pickup times, the moment she came to my porch (no contact delivery) and that my loads would actually be serviced a day earlier than initially scheduled. It was the most seamless service I’ve experienced!

When it came time for delivery, I expected folded clothes in the bags I had initially used. The local Inland Empire laundry provider went above and beyond and packaged my neatly folded, clean laundry in white bags secured with ribbon, as if they were gifts for me (which they kind of were). The socks were organized in a smaller party bag, while my daughter’s dresses were hung on toddler hangers and wrapped in see-through plastic bags like the ones you get at professional dry cleaners. That definitely made putting away laundry so much easier given it felt like gifts.

The Laundry Care bags are huge and fit tons of dirty clothes!

Other Reasons To Use Laundry Care

Laundry Care is definitely a mom’s best friend and service provider and after your first use, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. Besides FREE pickup and delivery, you can customize your service and provide your laundry preferences in your profile so that they return your items exactly how you requested. The low, flat rate is per bag, making invoicing easier so that it’s never a guessing game.

So if you’re been struggling with laundry lately, Laundry Care is here to help! Getting started is as easy as downloading the app. Take the hassle out of your most hated chore and make #momlife easier with Laundry Care!

The clean clothes came back to me dressed up as if they were gifts! My daughter’s dresses were also neatly hung on kid hangers.


Use CMB25 for a discount! Trust us, you won’t be sorry!

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