Must Haves For Two Under Two


My son was 11 months old when we found out we were expecting another little bundle of joy. I obviously was ecstatic and completely freaked out. How on earth were we going to parent two under two? I was just starting to feel somewhat successful parenting one, now two?! After the excitement and worriment subsided, we started planning for baby boy #2 and while I was just packing away old clothes and gadgets that I was no longer using, I was super relieved that we were going to still put in a lot of use to those things again. There were some things that simply didn’t work the first time around, and I felt much more prepared in deciding what was important in the products I was buying for our new bundle of joy.

Which is why I thought it would be helpful to share that must haves when having two little ones back to back. Please note these items are suggestions and things that really worked for us after learning the hard way that it wasn’t the best fit for our family.



must haves for infants & toddlers

  1. Uppababy Vista: Considered one of the top of the line strollers out there, its price tag definitely shows that. The newest model can run around $970.00 For our first baby, we opted for a Graco full size stroller and immediately regretted, it just wasn’t for us. We inevitably used a British brand, Mamas & Papas, which we loved for its versatility and compact size. However, because of its compact size, it was not going to give us what we needed with baby #2. We shopped around and waited for deals to come out. A good tip is to add this to your Baby Registry, particularly, BuyBuyBaby,s and if it doesn’t get filled, you can use your %15 coupon on the stroller. Uppababy rarely allows coupons to be used, but you can use it with the baby registry completion coupon. We saw purchasing this stroller as an investment as we like to go out to parks, zoos and museums and making sure that the kids are comfortable was our priority, plus the steering is really great, just be warned, it’s a behemoth of a stroller.
  2. Nuna Pipa Lite LXBecause we changed entire stroller, we needed to add an infant car seat that would be compatible with the Uppababy. We could’ve gone with the Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat, but it was much heavier than this awesome one. This seat normally costs $400, but we snagged one at Nordstrom last year during their annual sale for almost half the price. It was also an exclusive version. One of my favorite parts of this infant car seat besides how light it is, are two main things. 1. it has an included mesh canopy to protect baby from the sun or any unwanted touchy strangers. 2. The base has a leg which makes it that much more structurally sound to protect baby in case of an accident. The material used is organic cotton and super soft.
  3. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper BassinetWhile we love snuggling with our baby, especially in the beginning stages, SIDS definitely scares us, so having this swivel bassinet was the closest he could be with us. It is height adjusted and you can sit it on top of your bed and be right next to baby, while they are safely in the bassinet.
  4. Ergobaby Omni 360Every first-time parent needs a baby carrier of some kind. This was heaven sent the first time around and has been amazing the second time with baby. You can use immediately with a newborn and up to a 35lb. toddler. We purchased the herringbone design, which I believe is now sold out, but I would probably recommend a softer material as it touched baby’s face often and was rougher than I would have wanted.
  5. Graco Table2Table Premier Fold 7-in-1 HighchairI am big on all in one or convertible products and this high chair has been just that. While we are now using it as a high chair strapped to the dining chair, I can see us using this once our big little guy transitions to a booster seat for itty baby to be on the high chair. The only downfall is that I wished it had swivel wheels, like their competitor, Chicco. Other than that, I love it.
  6. Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit 4-in-1 Car SeatThis is a must have for any parent with littles at home. Before you know they will grow out of their infant car seat and you will need to get a car seat. Tis convertible one is great, while we don’t know if it will last us the whole expected life of 10 years, (that’s what is advertised) we know that we have already put in plenty of miles in it.
  7. Baby Bandit Diaper BackpackYes, I know there are tons of super cute diaper bags, especially messenger style, but those are horrible for your back. This diaper bag is great because it has a mesh back lumbar support, and I love the style, it’s great for all kinds of parents, moms, dads, grandpas, aunties or anyone to carry.
  8. Primo EuroBathBath time is so important in creating bonding time between baby and you that having a sturdy tub is so important. This tub can last until 24 months, which is how long we will most likely use it. We still use it for both babies and while it is a bit bulky, we just leave it in the guest bathroom bathtub and forget about it until we need it.
  9. Skip Hop Pronto Signature Changing StationSo, you want to make a quick run to the grocery store but don’t want to haul your entire diaper bag, this is the perfect option for you. You can put extra diapers, trash bags, diaper rash cream, wipes and be ready to change your little in a flash, well unless they have a blowout, then it might take you a little longer 🙂
  10. Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer Geo MeadowBeing a busy mom of two has really put me on my toes. When one isn’t crying because of a dirty diaper or hunger the other is crying because all their toys are not where they left them. Having a baby bouncer has been so helpful especially when big brother takes a nap and baby brother wants to hang out while momma washes, dishes, answers emails, takes a shower or heaven forbid take a break.
  11. Ubbi Snack ContainerIsn’t it exciting when your little toddler starts eating on their own and snacking like a little big guy? We loved it too, until he discovered how to open the lid off his Munchkin Snack Container and all his snacks would either fall into the abyss of the car seat or scattered throughout the house. The Ubbi Snack Container is perfect for those littles that have mastered opening things and does exactly what it is supposed to, contain snacks. We have two in our home, one in the house and a backup in the car.
  12. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile to Go Travel ToyFinding safe and interactive ways to stimulate our little has always been important. One of the must haves for me was this little portable mobile. I usually put it when we go to the mall, or park so that he can be stimulated with the contrasting colors. He loves it and I only use it in certain occasions so he doesn’t get bored with it.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment-Maximum Strength: While I am all for organic and environmentally friendly products for my babies, when it comes to diaper rashes, this momma does not play around. I go straight for the maximum strength, but from someone whose experience post-partum diaper rashes, (yes, you heard that right, I’ve had rashes too) that stuff hurts and the sooner I find relief, the better. I find that my babies find relief within the same day of using it.
  2. Phillips Avent Baby Bottle Brush: I used to use the Munchkin brand bottle brush, and while I am not a fan of talking smack about other brands, that bottle brush got pretty gross quicker than what the recommended time said. While it foamed, the sponge part always got smelly and moldy super fast. I was always conscious to wash it and let it air dry. Instead the second time around with baby, I looked for a better option and found that in the Avent Bottle Brush. It’s much more hygienic and really gets the milk residue.

I hope you enjoyed this list and find it helpful. What are some items that you see yourself getting? Let me know down below.