My Favorite Instant Pot Recipes


instant pot recipes

I’m sure you have heard of the Instant Pot by now. This modern kitchen appliance has been a hit in kitchens across the United States.

My family got ours in 2016. In fact, I ordered it and didn’t even know exactly what it was. I just knew it was something all moms needed and thus, I needed one also. I do admit, I was a bit scared at first to use it, but the fear diminished quickly as I realized how quick and easy I could fix a meal for my family. 

I have scoured the internet for recipes my family has come to love. I’ll share them with you below. 

This chicken and brown rice soup is delicious and healthy. The whole family loves it and I love that it is full of veggies. 

Growing up having pinto beans on hand at all times was a must. As an adult, I love that this recipe is quick and requires pre-soaking for the beans. I usually add diced onion and garlic to my beans as I feel it adds more flavor. 

Instant Pot Pinto Beans (No Pre-Soaking)

We do like eating a lot of soup in my family this time of year. This soup is another healthy one and is a big hit with my kids.

I like keeping frozen chicken breasts in my freezer to make quickly on nights when I haven’t planned dinner. I usually pair with a carb and vegetable for a balanced meal.

Pot roast is another big hit with my family. This pot roast comes out delicious and even better when eaten as a leftover.