My Mom Bod Part 2 – Fixing Up A Stroller


I am now a stay-at-home-mom & the name of the game is SAVE MONEY!

However and whenever I can, I have to figure out how to be efficient with my budget. I have been using my normal stroller for my workout class for the past month. But now that I know I am going to stick with it, I’ve been in search of a good deal on a jogging stroller.

Now, I don’t know if it’s just my area, but every. single. mom. in my class has a BOB Jogging stroller! I would love to have one, and maybe down the line, I will. But I just can’t justify the expense right now. There are many kinds, but even a used single jogger can run me $160-$180 and that’s IF you can find a decent one.

No big deal… I’m open to other options. 

My current car seat and stroller set up is Graco click connect. So I went in search of the corresponding jogging stroller so that all my stuff would interchange nicely. Now I have seen good looking ones, used, for around $50-$80 on sites like Facebook marketplace, OfferUp, LetGo, ect… But I got super lucky and a mom in my neighborhood posted hers on Facebook for only $25! A steal like that was worth checking out.

But you know there’s a catch, right?!

When it comes to jogging strollers especially, what really wears out is the fabric from being out in the sun. It’s common to find used joggers with very faded sun shades and seats. This one I found had fabric in great condition, however, this stroller was dirty.

I’m guessing that’s why she had trouble selling it and marked it down so low after originally posting it for $40+ dollars. She explained it had been sitting in her garage for some time now, but I saw it as a very doable project! 

Graco Click Connect Fast-Action Jogging Stroller, Before the fix-up

I took it home and looked it over.. it was a  mess! I needed some help! I consulted YouTube, Pinterest, and Google and put together a game plan on how I was going to rehab this stroller into my baby’s new wheels!

This stroller had crumbs & dust in the seats, sticky spilled drink in the top cup holders, completely missing the front tray (necessary for making the click connect feature for my car seat work!), cobwebs in the wheels, flat tires, missing 2 of the harness straps, and a few stains on the canopy.

So here we go – here’s how I tackled it!

  1. Watched a YouTube video on how this particular stroller works and all its features. This helped me identify all its parts, how they should work, and how they can be removed!
  2. Removed all the plastic trays and cup holders and washed them in the sink with soap.   
  3. Vacuumed the entire stroller and all its crevices.  

    I literally found old Cheerios in there!
  4. I ordered replacement parts on for the front tray and harness. Only cost me $20 for both!
    1. Identify the manufacturing info on the stroller. You’ll need the model number and manufacturing date!

      The Graco website told me exactly where on my stroller to look for this tag.. for mine it was on the frame near the rear wheels.
  5. Spot treat any stains on the fabric with some laundry detergent and then PRESSURE WASH the entire stroller. Leave it out in the sun to dry.
    1. If you do not have a pressure wash available, pre-treat those stains then fold the stroller up and put it to soak in the bathtub with warm water and laundry detergent. Soak for one hour, then flip it and soak another hour. Take it outside, hose it down, then leave it to dry in the sun. This will work for your Pack n’ Play as well!
  6. Fill up the tires with air. Check to make sure it’s holding the air in (might need to order replacement tubes!)
  7. Wipe down all the smooth non-fabric parts with an all-purpose and non-toxic cleaner. Especially the parts your kiddo will touch. I used a spray I made with Doterra On Guard cleaner! 
  8. Wiped all the chrome parts of the wheels with a wheel cleaner that would clean and also prevent rust.

Now once it’s all dry you should be ready to roll! Now with a jogging stroller, it’s time to step up my pace in class!