Neighborhood Egg Hunt : April 8th – 12th


We’re pretty bummed that we couldn’t have our Eggstravaganza at Romp-o-Rama on March 27th as planned due to COVID-19 (but don’t worry, we will make it up to with something else soon – We Promise!).

In fact, it seems like all the Easter Egg Hunts are cancelled (even pictures with the Easter Bunny). But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop as we all practice social distancing. Because Cali has some of the best weather, we can still celebrate by having a special Neighborhood Egg Hunt! It’s the perfect way to let the kids have some fun, get outside and stay safe – all at the same time.

How It Works

This Egg Hunt is simple – you just need to spread the word about the hunt in your neighborhood so that everyone is in the know (it’ll happen from April 8th-12th), print out the egg coloring page we’ve created, color/decorate them and cut them out and place them on your window (facing the street), front door or garage. The great thing about this is that you don’t need to have kids or be of a certain age to participate because it’s fun for everyone!

Then, you go for a neighborhood walk to see how many eggs you find. You can also choose the best one and leave a small candy treat at their door for recognition. Take a picture and tag us using #coronamomegghunt (follow us on IG @coronamomsblog) or share on the Corona Moms Blog FB thread.

Here’s the PDF to the Egg Hunt Coloring Page


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