stylish mom with daughter in black tutu outside on the street

Do I go back to work? Do I sell my business? Do I find a new job? Do I stay home? Do I find a job where I can be home with my kids?

These are the questions my girlfriends and I asked ourselves after having our babies. Each of us felt different. For me I wanted to go back to work after four weeks of giving birth, one friend wanted to stay home, another wanted to start a business so she could bring an income in and work from home, another did that math and realized she would break even by the time she was done paying for daycare so decided to stay home.

Each of us had to look at what worked for us and the big picture but most all supported one another in our decisions. I’ll be honest, I had one friend who told me I should put my son in daycare and sell my business to raise my son. What bothered me is we both own a business, and I worked really hard to build to the point I have six team members and can delegate. I also busted my ass to build a nursery and have an in-office nanny to help me with my son.

When that was suggested, I was hurt and upset. This is my dream, I worked really hard for eight years to make it happen, and my son is my other dream. Why cant I have both? Why cant I make this work? If you have a friend like this who is not supportive or not listening to what you’re trying to achieve….distance yourself.

Surround yourself with mamas who are going to help you in this new chapter of either going back to work or starting a business or become a stay home mama. After you know what you want find a mama mentor who is doing it! Maybe this mama sells products or maybe this mama just left her career and started a blog, maybe this mama is working on becoming an influencer or maybe this mama put her child in daycare and went back to her career.

You want to talk to her, the one doing it who is happy and confident in the decision she made because she is going to help you, and encourage you when it gets tough. She is going to give you advice on what to do and how to do it.

Listen to what you want, listen to your dream, listen to your heart and, even though it may seem difficult, just know it’s possible.

Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash