Work Life Balance For The Working Mom


Being a mom is tough no matter how you look at it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, motherhood is challenging. Which each type of mom has its own challenges and frustrations, being a working mom can make it difficult to find the right work life balance.

While some might argue that there is no such thing as work life balance, others are struggling to find a schedule that allows them to be both a mom and employee at the same time. Finding that work life balance as a working mom is even more challenging during COVID as working from home blurs those lines even more.

In order to prohibit burnout, it’s important to learn how to separate work from family. This allows you to fully concentrate on one or the other so that the two aren’t overlapping, causing you more stress than needed. The goal is to find a schedule that works for you both professionally and personally. That’s means one working mom’s life balance will differ from, let’s say, her BFF, who is also a working mom.

But just because work life balance looks different for all working moms doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fulfilling career and take an active role as mom at home. Here are some tips on how working moms can juggle both sides, so that #momlife is a bit easier:

Have Set Hours

If you’re working outside of your home, you most likely have set hours. But if you’re working from home, set your work hours and stick to them (even if you’re tempted to work more). Having a set schedule allows you to be on work mode. Sticking to those hours also allows you time to be mom when you’re not working. In order to separate home and work, you’ll need to carve out time where you are just a professional and just mom.

Set Work Areas At Home/Work-Free Zones

Working at home means you can work anywhere your laptop takes you. But it’s easier to be in professional mode when you have a set work area that’s just for work. This way, you’re focused and ready for the task at hand. Then when you’re clocking out, you leave that designated area and don’t go back until the next day.

Have Calendars For Work/Home

Create a calendar for work and one for home. That way you can see what needs to be done for each part of your life. Keeping only one calendar for both won’t allow you to turn off work mode or mom mode and vice versa. Knowing what you need to do for each part of your life allows you to concentrate on just that part without thinking about the other. This will ease the stress of having them blend into each other.

Carve Our Family-Focused Time

Always carve our family-focused time weekly, where you do nothing but spend time with your family (no phone or emails at all). Schedule it on your family calendar and leave your workspace, phone and computer to only spend time with your family.

Give Yourself Grace

The biggest thing to remember is to give yourself some grace. You’re not super mom – no matter how much you try to be. Know that no mom is and everyone is just trying to do the best that they can (no matter what you see on social media). Some days are going to be easier than others, so knowing that will provide you with extra grace you’re going to need on those bad days.

But if you’re still as if you’re drowning trying to do it all as a working mom, Center for Fertility Support can help. They offer therapy sessions for those looking for some extra help or just need to talk.

Here are some more tips for working moms!

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