Zoomed In On What We Want As Moms


There is one word from 2020 that if you didn’t know… you know now. 


I started thinking… what are we actually zoomed in on? As Mothers, we are zoomed in on all our faults. We are zoomed in on everyone else’s life. We are zoomed in on how much we DON’T DO “right.” When we start Zooming in on everything wrong-it sends us down a spiral of despair. We feel exhausted and hopeless. So how can we help ourselves to not ZOOM on everything wrong?

Here are 3 tips! 

1.Keep A Mini Miracle Journal

Think about how many times a day we are scanning for all the bad. Think of how many times we are scrolling and think “I want what she has”. This scan is training our brain to keep looking for that. It’s time to re-wire! Grab a journal… and at the end of the day, write down 3 mini miracles that happened in YOUR WORLD today. It doesn’t have to be anything big. This will train your brain to start scanning what great things happened  In your OWN life. Not anyone else. 

2. Set A No Phone Rule

There is so much noise and chaos online. It seems like we are constantly feeding our brain with what everyone else is doing. We aren’t taking the time to tune into ourselves, or our Families. We are zoomed in on distraction. Set aside 30 minutes a day where your phone is completely AWAY from you. This will give you time to tune into your reality. 

3. Get Clear On What You Want!

Jealously often creeps up when someone has something that we want… 

but we feel we can’t get it, or we believe we don’t deserve to have it. In a way- that jealousy is showing you what you desire. Look at your relationship, your body, your job- and get clear on what you want those things to look like. Get clear on a few simple actions.You can take daily to get you closer to that outcome. 

Let’s start zooming in on us. On our present reality. On what we truly want. 


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