Dealing With COVID-19 As A Surrogate

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Covid-19 has seriously messed up all of 2020, presenting challenging situations for all. For a surrogate (or any woman, really), being pregnant during this global pandemic can be a bit scary as you don’t know what to expect. No one signed up for this, but we’re all dealing with it and making changes to our regular routines and everyday lives to be able to survive it.

Although this isn’t what was planned, the important thing is to acknowledge the emotions that you are feeling. It can be feeling anxious, stressed or depressed during this difficult time of uncertainty. The unknowns can make you feel overwhelmed.

The first thing you can do after identifying what you’re feeling is asking yourself what you can control and what you can’t. The best way to do this is to write them down on a piece of paper. Create one column of things you can control and then include what you can then do to take care of those tasks so that you’re not stressed out by them.

Then in the other column, list things that can’t be controlled. From there, decide how you’d like to move through any emotions surrounding them. You might want to talk to someone about them or maybe you’re ready to let them go. Whichever it is, confronting what scares us is a very productive way of moving past them.

Also, seeking support from friends and family can be very helpful during difficult times. And sometimes, it makes all the difference to seek professional help. Therapy can bring up emotions about anything and can help you work through how you’re feeling about this unsure time we are all living in.

Fear of the unknown is what makes the situation scary. Once we panic, we tend to do irrational things (like hoard toilet paper). One way to view this uncertain time is to always remember that it’s temporary. Think of past tough times you were in and how they were temporary. How did you get through them or find hope?

Hope is what helps us move through hard times like these. Remembering that the situation is temporary and having hope that it’ll be over soon will help you move through these emotions. Sure, it can be easier said than done, but with consistent mindfulness, you will get through it.

If you’re finding it tough to be pregnant right now, surrogate or not, the Center for Fertility Support can offer the support you need right now. They offer Virtual Surrogate Monthly Meetups, which can be a great resource for surrogates right now. They are a multi-service center that provides therapeutic support, specializing in fertility, along with exclusive services and referrals specific to your personal fertility journey. They pride themselves on individualizing your journey and your specific needs. Visit their site for more information here. Dealing with COVID-19 as a surrogate doesn’t have to be daunting and the Center for Fertility Support can help!

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