Emotions and Surrogacy


One of the most asked questions when it comes to prospective surrogates is how to handle the emotional aspect of the journey. For most soon-to-be moms, becoming pregnant is the beginning of a very emotional journey. For the next nine months, a mother is bonding with her baby growing in her womb, creating an emotional connection that will continue on for the rest of her life.

Because this is a common emotion with pregnancy, a potential surrogate might wonder how she will go through nine months of carrying a baby and not create that emotional bond as she had with her previous children. Many future surrogates also ponder the emotions of handing over the baby to its parents. These questions are totally normal in the surrogacy journey.

That’s why potential surrogates have to undergo certain mental health requirements in order to move on through the application process. When a woman decides to become a surrogate, she must automatically know that the baby she is carrying for nine months is not hers genetically. By already mentally preparing herself and her family that this baby shares no genetic material with them helps with the emotional disconnect throughout the pregnancy.

Also, knowing that the act of surrogacy is providing a couple the chance at the joy and love children bring can help with difficult emotions as a surrogate. This mentality of providing someone else the unconditional love of a child helps many surrogates when emotions start to get confusing, especially toward the end when the arrival of the baby is near.

Becoming friends and familiar with the birth parents also helps surrogates navigate the tough emotions of carrying the child. By forging a connection with the parents, the surrogate can mentally prepare for when the time comes to give the child over. Of course, a surrogate will feel sad after the journey, but these feelings are totally normal.

If you’d like to know more about how emotions play a part of a surrogate’s journey or are interested in learning more about the application process, Extraordinary Conceptions help. They’ve helped thousands of surrogates on their journey and are ready to facilitate your experience today!

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