How Long Does It Take To Get Matched With A Family As A Surrogate?

woman holding her pregnant belly outside in a field

There are a lot of questions that come up when it comes to potential surrogate mothers and one FAQ is about how long does it take to get matched with a family as a surrogate? Once a future surrogate completes her application process, the next step in the surrogacy journey is to get matched with a family.

The application and interview period can happen fairly fast with many agencies like Extraordinary Conceptions. The usual time frame can be anywhere from two to four weeks (if the applicant meets all the minimum guidelines to become a surrogate). After that, it’s the medical records procurement and evaluation, which can run from four to six weeks. Then there’s the psychological evaluation that can go anywhere from two to four weeks, which entails meeting with a mental health processional to talk about the intricacies of the surrogacy journey and more.

All the aforementioned is about three to six months, depending on your agency and personal application. Once all that is confirmed and you’ve got the green light to advance in the surrogacy journey, it’s time to get matched with a family. This timeline is as soon as four weeks all the way up to a year. There are so many variables that can go into the matching process that there really isn’t a set timeframe.

Matching with a family as a surrogate can depend on a number of things, such as your preferences for your surrogate journey and what types of families you want to match with. Plus, factor in intended families and their personal preferences. It’s important that both the intended parents and surrogates are matched just right in order for the journey to be successful for both parties.

So, how long does it take to get matched with a family as a surrogate?  The answer is there’s no real timeframe. It all just depends on the family’s personal preferences and if your application aligns with their needs and wants. The main goal is that both parties have happy and productive matches that will culminate in a wonderful pregnancy journey.

If you’re ready to be a surrogate and want to match fairly soon with a family, it’s time to start the surrogacy application process with Extraordinary Conceptions. As a reputable So. Cal surrogacy agency in the Inland Empire and beyond, Extraordinary Conceptions provides potential surrogates a wide range of benefits, including top base compensation and so much more! To them, you’re more than just a surrogate, but a member of their surrogate family!


Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash