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Have you already been a surrogate?

Looking to do it again?

If you’re considering a repeat surrogacy, you already know the ropes. You know how the process works, what journey entails and everything else. But this time around, why not go with Extraordinary Conceptions as your So Cal surrogacy agency?

Many women enjoyed being a surrogate so much that they want to do it again. They enjoyed helping a couple become a family and also benefited from the compensation package, helping their own family at the same time. It’s actually common for previous surrogates to want to do it again. Surrogacy can be life changing and very fulfilling, which is why many repeat surrogates are driven to do it again and again!

Why One Might Want To Experience Repeat Surrogacy

There are many reasons why a woman might want to experience repeat surrogacy again. It might be because intended parents might want a sibling from the same surrogate. Or it might be to help build another family. Surrogates have a sense of altruism that makes them want to help out more intended parents. Higher compensation is also a huge incentive for repeat surrogacy.

A Reputable Local Surrogacy Agency

As one of the most reputable surrogacy agencies in the region, you’re not just another surrogate to them… you’re extended family. With Extraordinary Conceptions, you’ll get competitive compensation rates (which tend to be higher for repeat surrogate mothers) and all the amazing perks they offer their surrogates.

They’ve been in the industry for years and are an international agency, working with couples from all across the globe looking for help to expand their family. Their commitment, compassion and vast knowledge are unparalleled by other agencies in the fertility industry. Their hard-working staff are attentive and very responsive to any and all questions as they guide you through the surrogacy process from your application to delivery and beyond.

Repeat surrogates are in high-demand at the moment, so if you’re looking to try surrogacy again, Extraordinary Conceptions is more than happy to help! Put in an application here! You can also read more about Karen Erickson’s repeat surrogacy with Extraordinary Conceptions here! Read more about surrogacy with Extraordinary Conceptions by clicking here


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