10 Healthy Morning Habits For Moms


I am so not a morning person. I love to sleep in and motherhood has drastically changed that. It’s forced me to be a morning person, whether I like to or not. I’m sure many moms feel the same way, too. It takes multiple cups of coffee to get this mama going in the am and I still feel like a mombie throughout the day.

But this year, I’m focusing on developing healthy habits, and waking up early is one of them. I’ll admit – I don’t have a morning routine at all! And that’s my downfall. In order to start the day off better and get more done, a healthy morning routine is needed. I’ve been researching how to have better mornings and actually become a morning person and here’s what I found!

1.Wake Up At The Same Time Every Day

Besides making it a point to wake up earlier than you normally do, you’ll want to wake up at the same time every day – even on weekends. This will help your body adjust to getting up earlier and after a few days, you’ll be up to greet the day bright and early – and not be tired!

2. Drink Water First Thing In The Morning

As soon as you’re up and going, reach for a warm cup of water with lemon. The warm water won’t shock your body and it’s a healthy way to hydrate your body. After your cup of water, you can have your normal cup of Joe.

3. Make Your Bed

Making your bed should be part of your morning routine. There are plenty of studies that show that people who make their bed in the morning are more productive and successful than those who don’t!

4. Get Dressed

Don’t wait to get dressed until after you’ve gotten the kids ready. Instead, get dressed first (even your shoes). This helps you start the day with a purposeful mind. It’s all about dressing for a successful day!

5. Eat Breakfast

This is another hard one for me since I tend to skip breakfast and not eat until later in the day. Not only does it harm your metabolism, but it also gives you enough energy to go throughout your day. A light breakfast will do if you’re not really hungry in the am.

6. Check Your Schedule

Start each day by checking your schedule and making a To Do list. Make sure to prioritize the top five things so that you work on them first. Even spending just 10 minutes a day to plan will help you accomplish so much more!

7. Start A Load Of Laundry

If you have a large family and laundry always seem endless, try starting one load first thing in the morning. Make it your goal to actually dry, fold and putting it away that day.

8. Have Your Kids On A Schedule

Besides having your schedule, make sure your kids are on one, too, for a seamless morning. The whole family will be much happier!

9. Prep For The Next Morning At Night

Have easier mornings by prepping for the next day at night. This is especially important when the kids are back in school so that you aren’t rushing in the AM.

10. Meditate

Take a few moments during your morning routine (without the kids up yet) to meditate and really reflect on what you want to achieve that day (physically and emotionally).

There are plenty benefits of having a morning routine and being a morning person. Happier kids, less stressful mornings and the like can all help you become a better mom. Here’s another morning routine for the hot mess moms!

What’s your morning schedule like? What other healthy morning habits do you recommend for moms?

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