5 Healthy Habits to Adopt While Under Quarantine


Quarantine sucks, am I right?! Well, habits take time and since that’s all we have right now let’s try to start some new healthy ones!

1. Make Your Bed Every Day

It has been studied and explained, thoroughly, that successful people make their beds every day. It has to do with starting your day with a task to help you follow through with the rest of your tasks through ought the day.

2. Meal Prep

When I was training, I always heard, “I don’t have time to meal prep.” Well, what is your excuse now? You have nothing but time. Get online, find some recipes or prep plans on Pinterest and do it. Do it on the day that you would typically have off in a typical work week. That will make the habit much easier to maintain when we go back to normal.

3. Drink Water

Ok, this is a difficult one for most people. You have probably heard the guideline of drinking 64oz a day. Did you know that that is the minimum you should drink? Yes, that means that technically you should be drinking more. The Institute of Medicine recommends that men drink at least 100oz of water, and women drink at least 74oz a day. While you are at home, try the following recommendations to try and increase your water intake:

  1. Drink a glass when you first wake up before you do anything else.
  2. Keep track of how much you drink, so you are never guessing. There are plenty of apps devoted to water intake tracking to use. 
  3. Every time you have a craving for a snack or sweet drink a glass of water. This might eliminate the cravings. 
  4. If you are a soda drinker, drink a glass of water before any pop.
  5. Try to have at least 30oz drank by noon. Use your preferred water intake app to check in on this. 
  6. Find a good water bottle that makes you want to drink water. Check out Amazon for some good ones. The cuter, the more enticing water will be!
  7. Set up reminders all over your house to drink more water. Either in the form of actual water glasses or post-it notes. Anything to not forget!

Once you get your body used to drinking more water, it will do the reminding for you. Consider it one of the most important healthy habits you partake in!

4. Organize

Have you heard of the Kondo method yet? I personally love organizing, it gives me so much joy, and I find it very relaxing. If you haven’t heard of the Marie Kondo cleaning method, she has a series on Netflix, a book, and a website to check out.

Here are my steps to organizing:

  1. Pick 1 SPECIFIC area to focus on. Not the bedroom, start with the bedside tables, then wardrobes, the closet, etc. Making it specific really helps not to get overwhelmed.
  2. Take everything out and begin an inventory. While you do your inventory, start to organize items that go together and also put things back (you will inevitably find odd items that belong somewhere else).
  3. Clean as you go. As you empty an area, take the time to wipe, sweep, or mop the area before you put items back.
  4. Use the Kondo method by putting everything back in some sort of container. I save everything from baby food jars to my glass lotion containers. You never know when you will need them, and they do come in handy! You can also find great containers at Target and on Amazon.
  5. Put out 3 bins: 1 for trash, 1 for items to sell, and 1 for donate. Getting rid of stuff is incredibly difficult for some people. The Kondo method says to only keep items that give you joy. I do that and also follow the “1-year” rule of thumb. If I haven’t used it, thought of or needed in the last year, I get rid of it.
  6. Finally, take before and after pictures! You will feel so proud of yourself when you see how much better everything looks! Now you just have to maintain it.

5. Exercise

There are SOOOOO many free workout resources right now! Take the time to try a bunch of different programs and see if there is one that you really like. To start to make this a habit, take a good look at your day and figure out when the best time to exercise is for you. For me, it is in the morning. By the afternoon and evening, I am so busy with the kids and exhausted that I know it won’t happen. I drink my coffee, take care of the kids, workout, and shower. This is how I guarantee that it will happen. It also makes me feel great all day getting it done, making it a worthy healthy habit!

So while you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, incorporating these 5 healthy habits now will guarantee that they’ll become your new normal once we are all living our regular life again.

Any other good habits that you’ve started to incorporate while staying at home?


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