2019: The Year for Discovering More About Myself


discovering myselfWhen I became a mom, I buried myself deeply into that role.

I lived and breathed for my baby these last two-ish years. I wouldn’t say I lost myself but I quickly found that I consider part of my identity to be my job.

This makes sense since that is what filled most of my week before baby and now my job is the baby. But, I was always impressed with my husband’s ability to explore new hobbies. Several years ago he bought a nice saw and some other tools and he has been woodworking ever since with upgrades along the way. By trade, my husband is a paramedic but he has made the most amazing pieces – a barnyard sliding door from scratch for our bedroom has been his biggest undertaking and my most favorite.

He has always encouraged me to find a hobby for myself but I have always had a mental block about it. So it is no surprise that almost two years into being a stay-at-home mom I started to feel like a boring person. This led me into a recent self-discovery. 

My husband built this sliding door – a pinterest dream come true.


I’ve never considered myself “crafty” and I think that’s because I never considered myself artistic. I cannot draw, paint, or color for the life of me. Or, at least, I cannot do those abilities well.

And then it hit me as I was designing my daughter’s 2nd birthday invitation – I am definitely creative!

While I tend to not have artistic skills, I realized that I do have artistic leanings and I showcase them in a different way. I am a whiz at finding inspiration on the internet and using a combination of Word and Paint to make fun invites, posters, decorations, etc. I use these two programs because I’ve never bothered to purchase Illustrator or Photoshop since I didn’t think “art” was for me. However, this light bulb had gone on and my wonderful husband jumped on it for me (mostly because I’m pretty frugal with our funds and tend to funnel them into our daughter’s direction). 

Birthday invite I made from scratch using a Word and Paint combo.


Early December my husband bought me a die-cutting machine, specifically the Cricut, and lo and behold I am not only creative but I am downright crafty!

My favorite part is using their design program where I have a much easier time manipulating shapes and images than I ever did in Word or Paint – laughably no surprise. It is even making me consider buying Illustrator or Photoshop or subscribe to something like Picmonkey so I can have even more tools and abilities to do all the things I would like to do to my designs.

So far I have made custom shirts, a board game, paper Christmas decorations, and birthday decorations. I am currently working on some custom decor for our bedroom and some more shirt ideas for my daughter. 

I designed and made this Minnie Mouse shirt just to match these cute leggings for my daughter.


I am finally feeling excited about something I can do with my time that is just for me. I learned something new about myself after baby and it does not have to do with her exactly. 2019 is my year for self-discovery.

I hope you find inspiration in yourself too. 

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Originally an Orange County native, Sarah attended and graduated from UCSD with a BA in Political Science. From there, she and her family moved to Corona where she earned her Paralegal Certification and started a career. Currently, Sarah is a stay-at-home mom to a wonderfully curious 1.5 year old who will stop to pick every flower. She and her husband are high school sweethearts and enjoyed many years before deciding to settle down. He puts up with her Halloween obsession and is rewarded with her other redeeming qualities - an affinity for late nights, projector movie screens inside the house, and brewery hopping.