Hoping vs Doing: When You’re Stuck In Hoping Energy

woman sitting at table with coffee, notebook, candle and more in the inland empire california
Let me ask you something… are you stuck in HOPING energy?
“ I hope I lose weight” 
“ I hope I can stay healthy”
“ I hope my connection will grow with my Spouse” 
When we are stuck in HOPING, that’s all it is. 
Hope makes us feel warm, fuzzy and comfortable.
Sometimes hope can motivate and inspire us when we’re ready to give up,
but on the other hand… it can keep us STUCK. 
There is almost a SAVE ME attitude buried in hoping. 
We are just sitting there, waiting for something magical to happen. 
Waiting for our life to be better. 
I’m telling you right now… that’s not the way you are going to get what you desire. 
Yes, proclaim what you want, hope for it to come true… But don’t stop there. 
We actually need to take some ACTION. 
There is DOING involved. 
Hope won’t change things for you. DOING will. 
It can be a small baby step, but DO IT. 
Do the thing that will put you closer to what you desire. 
Because I have news for you… 
No one is coming to save you. 
Nobody can do it for you. 
It’s UP TO YOU to do the work.
Get yourself out of HOPING and take a step forward.