How To Practice Better Self-Care As A Parent


Self-care as a parent isn’t selfish. It’s important to your sanity, well being, mental and physical health and relationship to your children. There’s no right or wrong way to practice self-care as a parent. It can be going out to get a mani-pedi, taking a bubble bath, going out to exercise, having date night, etc. It’s basically what you want to do when you finally have the time for some R&R.

But what many don’t understand is that there’s so much more than just baths and self-indulgent acts of “me time.” Self-care is something that should be made a priority every single day and not just one in a while. Self-care on the surface might look like going out with the girls every once in a while or getting a Starbucks treat.

Self-care as a parent is actually intentionally and daily choosing to make yourself a priority. It’s about being proactive about your own happiness. Self-care is about learning to say no to stuff that doesn’t make you happy and creating healthy boundaries. It’s about practicing self-compassion and kindness while also searching for purpose when facing painful circumstances. Self-care as a parent is about letting go of toxic relationships, being vulnerable, authentic and doing you.

So how do you practice better self-care as a parent?

You have to re-evaluate what you’re currently doing. First, think about the essentials of self-care, which are the basic requirement. They usually are a good night’s sleep, some time for yourself to relax, and emotional and physical safety. Are you taking these things into consideration daily?

Once you’ve got the necessities down, it’s time to think about your body, mind and soul. This means getting in some sort of exercise, eating healthy foods, having healthy relationships with your family and friends and getting rid of toxic relationships.

When you’ve thought about those things, the next level of better self-care for parents is to think about your personal transformation and growth. You can do things like read books, actively pursue your dreams or finding your purpose, investing in yourself to enhance your occupational or entrepreneurial pursuits and the such.

So the next time you really think about self-care as a parent, don’t just think superficially.