Why Seeing A Therapist During Surrogacy or Fertility Treatment Is Important?


Support during any pregnancy is key, but having the right support during surrogacy or when undergoing fertility treatment is critical. Fertility therapists provide thoughtful and valuable insight, guidance and education for surrogate carriers when it comes to exploring expectations, roles and potential outcomes. They also serve as extra support throughout the process. 

Preconception Therapy

A huge goal of preconception therapy with a potential surrogate is helping her decide if continuing on the surrogacy journey will have a positive or negative impact on her life. There’s potentially for many emotionally stressful situations and experiences during surrogacy and assessing how a carrier would respond and fix these issues will protect all parties involved in the process. Therapy can help determine if she is a good fit after all. This also can be true for those looking to start fertility treatments given the process can be long and challenging. Seeing a therapist before a surrogacy pregnancy can also help when experiencing setbacks, such as a failed transfer or another medical problem. 

Support During A Surrogacy Pregnancy 

Being a surrogate carrier is different from carrying your own child. Lots of new emotions will come up and seeing a therapist will help to overcome all these new feelings. It’s also beneficial to talk to a therapist as a way to build your relationship with your surrogacy partner once matched. Surrogacy support can help when both parties might be at odds about a certain topic and will help make sure everyone’s concerns and feelings are feeling validated. 

Support After A Surrogacy Pregnancy 

After the birth of the baby, a therapist can help provide post-surrogacy support. As a surrogate, you might have some postpartum emotional struggles in which a surrogacy therapist can be a very valuable resource. Also, a therapist’s assistance can also be helpful for maintaining any post-surrogacy relationship with the intended parents, so that you can keep in touch with the family. 

Whatever your needs are during your surrogacy journey, a therapist can help navigate your emotions, feelings, worries and challenges. This can be done online when using the Center for Fertility Support. Their mission at CFS is not only to provide unwavering support, but to walk the path alongside you that will lead you to fulfilling your dreams of a family, or expanding the one you have.  This process takes courage and strength, and they hope you find a comforting and hopeful space at their Center.