mon and dad sitting on the porch holding hands with a toddler

I can literally count the times on my fingers that my youngest son has left the house, and/or encountered people, since COVID-19 hit in March. There were only two outings that were not medically necessary, and it was because we just needed to get out as a family and get fresh air and have some sense of normalcy. Both of those outings were outdoors and we felt safe, but we definitely wished that wasn’t the case and we were living life as a family.

Having two toddlers at home has come with so many blessings, but also challenges. And I’m sure many parents working from home, or stay-at-home parents, are on the same boat as they try manage everything and figure things out. 

Many of the doctors visits have been difficult for my little one because he rarely gets to be with other people, so  he can get antsy around others that he isn’t familiar with. It’s those little things that break my heart knowing that he has been growing up in such a different world than his older brother. With our firstborn, we went everywhere – concerts, parks, Disneyland, beaches – you name it, we did it. This is why he is so sociable and friendly. While life is different for our second baby, we want to foster as many opportunities for him to get as close experience as his brother did.

We have learned to figure out how to make the best of our current situation by taking some steps to make sure our baby still gets outdoor stimulation.

Here are some tips on how to make sure your little isn’t feeling cooped up:

  1. Talking daily walks-family walks have been our saving grace. We love them because our neighborhood is so quiet and great and we always have room to walk, people watch from afar and name objects as we walk.
  2. Weekly outings to parks. I research parks in our area that tend to be lonely so that we go as a family on random days. Saturdays and Sundays are usually the busiest so we try to avoid them, but if we do there are a few very small close by that rarely have people around. Some are just open grass fields, (those are my fave) and others have a jungle gym. We usually set up a picnic and let the kids run free.
  3. We try to have fun time in the back yard with water towers, helping out with planting and watering the plants. They love helping out doing garden work. Especially finding lizards. Where we live there are tons of lizards everywhere.
  4. We take joy rides and open the windows to let fresh air in. This is usually done in remote areas where we live.

While we are still holding our breathe to see when we will be able to visit Disneyland, a mall, or any other highly congested area, for now we are safe at home trying to make the best of it just like you are everyday. We got this, you got this…

If you need more COVID-19 resources, please see our GUIDE here


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