Summer Organizing For A Smoother Back-To-School Transition


Since we are in uncharted territory, none of us were prepared when the safer at home order went into effect late March. As time went on, we’ve been evolving and making adjustments as we go, but now it is time to really get organized and prepared for the next school year. I’ve got some summer organizing tips for you!

Most of us parents turned our kitchen or dining room tables into homework centers or workstations. How is this working for you? Is it time to set up desks in each kids rooms? Do you need to designate another part of the house to be your office?

Now, while it is summer vacation, would be the time to purge the toys from the kids rooms, so you can have room for desks and set up their space for school. It might also be a good time time to clear the clutter from the guest room or a nook in the living room to act as your new work space.

Clear The Clutter

Has the clutter been out of control? At first, when the safer at home order went into effect, people were cleaning and organizing like mad. I saw many people announcing on Facebook that “today” they were going to organize the kitchen drawers or the purge old books from their kids bookcases. Everyone was excited to be home with their families and tackle the projects they’ve always had put off. Then April started and distance learning went into effect and the chaos started. Now that summer is here, I’m sure the free time you envisioned yourself of sitting by the pool and your home being immaculately organized has gone out the window!

If your life is very busy, I suggest tackling the small eye sore clutter areas first. Front entry areas turn into a catch all from keys, mail, newspapers, jackets, umbrellas, grocery sacks, shoes, etc. Buy a few items to clean up this area. 3M Command hooks for the umbrellas to be stored behind the door or along the door frame. A small waste basket next to the mail to put junk mail, and newspapers into. A few baskets to put shoes, backpacks, hats, sunscreen, etc. Use a key hook display or more 3M Command hooks to hang keys, dog leashes, and grocery sacks. This will clear up the eye sore and clean up your entryway, without it all being out for everyone to see when they first walk into your home.

Flexible Work Space

Depending on your home, you can buy a 3 ft by 2 ft white folding table from Costco or Amazon for about $40 with adjustable legs to go low to the ground for your younger kids to sit at or higher if you want to stand and work. Put a clear Sterilite 3-drawer cart with wheels under the table to hold office supplies, paper, and a few binders. Now you have a space that you can fold up when company comes over, or move to another room as needed. You can also purchase a file cabinet on wheels that you can move from room to home to hold bills, school fliers, or work documents. Wheel it with you when you move your desk around, or have each kid push it into their room and pull out their activities sheets. If you want to continue using your kitchen or dining room tables, purchase some file folders or an accordion file holder, so when you need to clean up and eat dinner, your papers are sorted and neat. (no one likes to have dinner splashed onto their paperwork).

Have a backyard with a patio? Wheel your file cart, sterilite clear cart out to the patio table, bring along your laptop or tablet. Now your work space is outside, you can watch the kids while working, this gives them the chance to get outside and you don’t feel confined to your office, or dinning room. Plus you can take a break and join them, or take the things back inside easily and cool off with a water balloon fight.

You can also repurpose furniture to be a work space too. Use a vanity table, to be a desk. Or take two low bookcases and a 5-ft piece of plywood to create a desk. There are a lot of Pinterest Ikea hacks, if you are feeling crafty. If the idea of having to add another project to your life stresses you out or gives you anxiety. Then it sounds like you need help. Hiring me or another professional organizer, is better than going down the Pinterest rabbit hole. We have organized hundreds of homes and can do it on a budget or max out your credit card, you get to pick. When it comes to design, style, functionality, sustainable furniture, donation and trash drop off, we are ready to tackle your project, so you can get back to your lives.

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Allison Almond is home organizer specializing in being a full service home sale preparation and packing & unpacking moving specialist. She’s a divorced mom to a tween, and with her schedule, finding harmony between her demanding clients and kid is difficult at times. Born and raised in Orange County; she loves to read, garden, and use her Instant Pot. She has worn many career hats over the years, giving her the experience and ability to adjust to different situations. Making her a resource too many in her community. Fun fact: she likes to meet romance authors and go on vacation trips with them. For more information on Allison’s organizing services, more organizational tips or to set up a complementary consultation, visit 
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